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  • Tom

    Thanks a Million… these instructions work for the regular iPhone 3G 3.1 -> 3.0

    Great job!

  • John T.

    when entering the iRecovery -s command I receive an error saying image not found. Any thoughts?

  • alex

    thanks for this post. does this apply to the 3G too?

  • Adam

    I’ve got the same error, no image found.

  • BeyondtheTech

    Grab this copy of iRecovery with the missing dylib file: http://thebigboss.org/blog_downloads/irecovery.zip

    Extract it to desktop, then go to Terminal.

    Type the following:

    cd /usr
    sudo mkdir local
    cd /usr/local
    sudo mkdir lib
    cd /usr/local/lib
    sudo cp /users/YOURNAME/desktop/libusb-0.1.4.dylib .
    sudo chmod 755 libusb-0.1.4.dylib
    cd /users/YOURNAME/desktop
    ./iRecovery -s

    Worked for me, I’m back to 3.0 on my 3GS.

  • John Trienis

    Thank you for your help. This worked until “fsboot” with an error “command not found.”

    My phone is a 3G not a 3GS if you can offer any further support.

    Thanks again

  • Adam K. Bacsalmasi

    Follow this link for proper directions.


    The first set of instructions worked great for me, and a little further down in the comments, there are instructions on how to make it stick on reboot so you don’t have to enter iRecovery every time. I also used fsboot without a capital f.

  • navid

    guys, i got it to work.. but now everytime i restart my phone it ends up in recovery mode, and i have to fsboot it everytime.

    any solutions to that problem. I am running OSX

  • Adam K. Bacsalmasi

    If you check the link I posted earlier, further down in the comments, near the middle of the page, there are instructions on how to stop it from requireing plugging into irecovery every time. It’s a couple commands you need to enter while connected with irecovery. Works like a charm. The posters name is Julian.

  • Michael

    It worked great for me but, i cant restore from backup its saying my software is too old. Help Please!

  • bigdaddy

    Well I foolowed your info. But when I held alt and pressed restore. I didnt get the option to add 3.0. Went str8 to This is goin to resatore to factory settings. Im stuck now. Any help pls. Thx

  • gtriemy

    PqwerPC?? iRecovery – error: bad cpu type in executable

  • Richie

    Works great.. downgraded firmware to 3.0 from 3.1 beta3 without a problem. But is there anyway to restore a backup from 3.1..
    as Adam K. says.. it says software is too old to restore the backup!

    Is there any way to restore the data for the apps from the 3.1 backup?

  • Richie i figured out how to fix the “Software is too old to restore the backup” issue.

    go to the restore folder in library/applicationsupport/mobilesync/backup

    edit the info.plist and change the build and product versions to the 7A341 and 3.0 respectively.

    that worked for me.

  • Anthony

    Guys, i cant get the phone into restore or DFU mode, its not even showing up in iTunes, Any suggestions?

  • Hamad

    hey dude we have to press shift key to select the file

  • Dusan

    Thank you for your help :)

  • RJM

    4. Now Press ALT key on keyboard and click on Restore button on iTunes. when i do this i get some other message saying ” are you sure you want to restore iphoen to its factory settings? etc.” an it gives an option to restore and update or cancel. i tried to press Alt, shift, ctrl, and it still doenst work. im using windows vista

    please someone help me this phone is pissing me off to the max

  • Lenin Rodriguez

    It is SHIFT instead of ALT to get the browsing screen.

  • b222

    FYI, this doesn’t work for 3.1 on 3GS. “Error 20” in itunes. iRecovery won’t detect the iphone.

  • Smackie

    thx a lott


    Just tried revert to 3.0.1 from 3.1 on my MacBook with the addition of BEYONDTHETECH’s post and it succeeded.

    Thx guys a lot for your help!

  • Cold4ire

    Tried this with 3Gs on 3.1

    windows irecovwer says:

    Got usb
    no iphone/ipod found

    any sugestions.

  • ipd

    Does this work with iPod touch 2G

  • Christos

    Can anyone tell me if there is a way to downgrade an iphone 3GS from 3.1 to 3.0?

  • Navin

    Hi guys, im trying to do this but is not working in windows did any body did it before? I already downloaded iRecovery for windows and still on the 11 step pls can somebody help me…

  • Jason

    1. The shift key is the option key on the mac.
    2. I have a 3G and when I restarted the phone it wanted the Iphone OS again. Well after going though this (because I was NOT going to lose my tethering) I was reminded of the steps of jailbreaking. So instead of going though the loop again. I pushed redsn0w and after the os loaded. Looking at the running pineapple guy it rebooted and that fixed it. Something to do with the boot process. I was also able to reset the network settings and I was not able to do that without getting into the loop when I returned to 3.0

    So, right after you push the 3.0 OS and it reboots push redsn0w jailbreak and for whatever reason it fixed it.

    good luck, Jason

  • carlos Yerena

    hey i have a question i put the iRecovery -s inside terminal but it say command not found what should i do?

  • Puma

    Cold4ire says:
    “Tried this with 3Gs on 3.1
    windows irecovwer says:
    Got usb
    no iphone/ipod found
    any sugestions.”

    Sam problem. Any solutions?

  • Paulo

    If Windows I use CMD
    C:\iRecovery\iRecovery.exe -s
    (Recovery) iPhone$ fsboot
    (Recovery) iPhone$

    But iPhone didnt reboot I use Home + Power

    iTunes I use redsn0w.exe…
    Image not show “HD”… It show black and stopped

    What I do?

    Please, help me!

    Thank you very much

  • Antonis Protopapas

    If i dont have itunes 8.2 but itunes 9 is it suppose to not work?
    Because when i get into DFU mode i dont get the “this iphone is in recovery mode…” screen…

  • Ghanht

    All of u r liars! You can not revert the 3gs to a none 3.1firmware

  • cecilia

    I have a iphone 2G. Followed exactly the procedure, but when i ran iRecovery, it said

    Got usb
    no iphone/ipod found

    eventhough the iphone was connected.

    Any suggestions?

  • Thanks for this downgrading guide, it saved my life literally! My gf was about to kill me I lost the jailbreak and all the cool stuff that went a long with it.

  • Alexis

    I’m in a state of panic. I cant seem to use my iPhone 3G because I can’t find a way to re-unlock it! Whenever I try restoring it with the 3.0 software, it says “The iPhone cannot be restored because the firmware file is not compatible.”

    Please help. I’m desperate. :\

  • Dork

    Yay.. I’m such a dork.

    I knew about this freakin update and forgot all about it grrrrr..

    Back to the Blackberry for now :(

  • Jon

    ^^^ same issue as above.

    i’ve tried two different 3.0 ISPW’s and am getting the same error message in DFU mode

  • Jon


    Windows Vista OS
    Iphone 3G

  • Alex

    i can run the iRecovery ,but i type the command “fsboot” that the iphone no response.
    My phone is 3gs

  • Keegan

    do you HAVE to have a Mac in order for this to work? it seems the people who try it on PC freeze their phone.. and the Mac useres seem to have success…
    and PC solutions that worked??

  • JD

    THANKS! Worked Great, for those of you with the issue of having iRecovery every time after reboot: Here’s the instructions:

    To be able to shut down and start up your iphone without connecting to irecovery every time, this should do the trick:

    run “irecovery -s” in a command prompt with your iphone hooked up to your computer via USB

    run the coomand ’setenv auto-boot true’

    then run ’saveenv’

    then run ‘fsboot’

  • Arthurovski

    “Hi guys, im trying to do this but is not working in windows did any body did it before? I already downloaded iRecovery for windows and still on the 11 step pls can somebody help me…”

    Same here, It just dont work on Windows, there are different commands… Is there some alter solustion to do the same thing but on windows platform??

  • K

    where is the terminal? i cannot locate it after i zip the
    files to my desktop. i only have a recovery file and library file. any help?



    The above instructuions will let the phone boot once, but after that, all it does is go back to a locked state every time you reset or power off.

    you need to do the following commands in
    iRecovery -s

    setenv auto-boot true

    then the phone works great!

  • Frank Brown

    I have tried to downgrade a 3GS 3.1 with Windows 7 and iTunes 8.2 and also a Mac with iTunes 9. Both situations result in “No iPhone/iPod found”. As soon as I enter DFU mode and select 3.01, theiPhone disappears from iTunes. There needs to be a way to keep the iPhone connected in order for this downgrade to work on a 3GS. If any one with a 3GS (not a 3G) has actually goten it to work, I’d like to know exactly how.

  • Frank

    This does not work for a 3GS. Maybe or the 3G, but not the 3GS. I have tried it with a Mac and iTunes 9 , and Windows 7 with iTunes 8.2. iRecovery will access the USB ports but not find the iPhone. The iPhone also disappears from iTunes the minute it accesses Apple to verify that the software is eligible for the restore (which it doesn’t). Disconnecting and reconnecting while still in DFU doesn’t help.

    So if anyone who actually has 3.1 on a 3GS has actually been able to successfully do this downgrade, I’d like to know how they overcame the iPhone/iPod not found problem with iRecovery.

  • Emerson

    Here try this method:
    *For those of you using iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G still have the ability to downgrade 3.1 to 3.0. iPhone 3GS users, you guys are out of luck :(

    – iPhone 2G/3G
    – iTunes 8.2/8.1
    – QuickPwn 2.2 (I think is the latest)

    1) Put your device into DFU (Hold Power for 3 Seconds, then while holding power, press and hold the HOME button for 10 Seconds, then release the Power button while still holding the HOME button. The screen will remain black and iTunes identifies it in DFU mode
    2) Hold the SHIFT button and click on Restore in iTunes. A window will appear. Choose the iPhone OS 3.0 (IPSW) and the OK. Wait till it downgrades.
    3) After restoration is complete, an error will appear. Any error like 1015 or others like that, IGNORE them because your iPhone is already in 3.0 (If you have errors like 1600, retry the process with a different a different firmware)
    4) Download QuickPwn and launch it. It will tell you to reset/reboot your iPhone.
    5) After you reset/reboot your iPhone, a screen of the “USB to iTunes” logo appears WITH an emergency slide. iTunes will recognize it and then ask you set as new or restore from backup

    Then you can jailbreak with redsn0w or whatever jailbreaking software you prefer to use :)


    where can i get itunes 8.2? I already upgraded to 9.0 :(

  • Ivan Kolev

    How do i get an originalOriginal iPhone 3GS 3.0 Firmware ? Can i buy it from somewhere?

  • Vincent

    This may work fine for 3G but what I have is a 3GS. When I do this, it cannot even go to step 7 because an error message coming back saying the “device is not eligible for the required build’. For those who said you are successfully do it, are you with 3GS and had been upgraded to 3.1. How come you did not see this message. I want to go to the error 1015 described in step 7 so that I can continue ! There is so little in internet to talk about how to deal with “isn’t eligible …..

  • gd day gd luck if any one can do the 3gs let us know please

  • lucibuz

    same steps as above (mentioned by Frank) but at step
    4) just run redsn0w 8.0 it will jailbreak your iphone (out from recovery mode) and after reboot you have 3.0 jailbreak

  • i upgraded to 3.1 by mistake on my iphone 3gs…. and my phone was completed locked.. i did the downgrade the way you instructed.. i get stuck in step 7 and pops up that apple says my update is not eligible. what to do ?? pls can somebody help me…

  • Paulo

    3.1 -> 3.0 or 3.0.1, This does not work for a 3GS!
    I have iPhone 3GS, I uploaded http://twitpic.com/hktj9 i saw that man putted SLIM (I dont know what is it!) for iphone that unlock about Emercency Call
    – Carrier not work
    – Apps (appulo.us) not work too
    MuscleNerd, Saurik and others hacker are working jailbreak 3.1 you must to wait after 2 weeks.
    Thank you

  • Joey

    I have a 3g was 3.0 till cydia wanted to restart springboard. Insted it rebooted and stayed that way. Nothing I did worked, couldn’t restore from 3.0, 2.2.1, nothing. Had no choice but to upgrade with faith in dev team. Insted of the black dfu screen it had a cartoon guy with his hands in the air and some foreign word above him. VERY weird but updated fine. I miss my tethering….

  • Carlos

    You will loose any access to the PC’s USB devices (mouse, keyboard, etc…) when you install the libusb-win32-filter-bin- So when you run iRecovery it won’t see the iphone at all.

    I used it with 7 and Vista with the same results. Anyone knows of a work around this problem?

  • Greg

    Thanks a lot, worked just great.
    For those having trouble with iRecovery… you can download it from here. I did it and worked excellent… back on 3.0


    Greg ?

  • jason

    this really works my ipod 2G is now on 3.0 so i can now jailbreak. thx

  • Hannes

    I have an iPhone 3G with OS 3.1 and iTunes 9 on my Macbook Air with X10.6.1.
    Has anyone downgraded a 3G from OS 3.1 to 3.0.1 or 3.0 successfully and was tethering working again after downgrade?

  • Hannes

    does tethering work again after downgrade?

  • Hi,

    This techno don’t work with my 3GS cause every time i tryied to select the restore firmware 3.0 for 3GS, Itunes try to contact Apple servers and i can’t choose another firmware else than 3.1. I tried to disconnect from net ==> Need a connection, Putting the firmware 3.0 into the folder used to the upgrade, same thing.
    I don’t think that a possibility exist anymore.
    Waiting for Dev-team solution….
    Perhaps exit another way to force Itunes to take the 3.0 firmware?


  • Kumar Khadka

    HI, I have reset my iphone 3gs and its not restarting now what to do? please help me how to get my iphone in normal condition.

  • anto

    hi ! thanks but it isn’t work for iphone 3GS 3.1 !

  • Jamie S

    –I have a MacBook Pro on 10.6.1, and an iPhone 3G (NOT 3GS) on 3.1. I was able to downgrade to 3.0.1 pretty easily by doing this:

    –Follow the instructions in the original post, except replace steps 11 & 12 with this: (a combination of what “BEYONDTHETECH” and “JD” wrote):
    Grab this copy of iRecovery with the missing dylib file: http://thebigboss.org/blog_downloads/irecovery.zip
    Extract it to desktop, then go to Terminal.
    Type the following:
    cd /usr
    sudo mkdir local
    cd /usr/local
    sudo mkdir lib
    cd /usr/local/lib
    sudo cp /users/YOURNAME/desktop/libusb-0.1.4.dylib .
    sudo chmod 755 libusb-0.1.4.dylib
    cd /users/YOURNAME/desktop
    ./iRecovery -s
    setenv auto-boot true

    –Then continue with steps 13, 14.
    –In my case I had to reconfigure the phone from scratch because it said the current (3.0.1) software was too old for my recent 3.1-based backup. This was not a big deal because I could just resync my contacts and music from my computer.

    Good luck!!

  • Drinkyoghurt

    I installed libusb_win32, and it demolished my pc, all my usb devices were gone. took me 2 days to fix it.

    What I am trying now is doing the first few steps, but not the irecovery ones

    I just jailbreaked it in redsn0w, and it’s still downloading jailbreak data, shouldn’t be too long though, hope this works

  • jamie Wiseman

    It really does work! Or at least it has for me on my 3G iphone using my mac! I have now downgraded from 3.1 to 3.01, and got back tethering, and as an added bonus the phone hasn’t switched itself off randomly or lost its signal at all since.

    Its like having a proper phone again!

    Thanks to everyone here for their links and help!


  • Frank

    Remember, this method will NOT work for the 3GS. If you have your IBSS and IBEC files, you may have some luck. But the Mac method for acquiring these files on a 3GS once updated to 3.1 have not worked for me.

  • Roc

    I get my phone working on 3.0 from 3.1 but i dont get my teleoperator to connect to My phone way dont i get it ?

  • moti

    saurik did it again


    gd luck

  • RYAN


  • Vincent

    The discussion here is how to downgrade 3GS from 3.1 to 3.0. Surely it is easy for 3G but for 3GS Apple wanted to play hard, one will get “device isn’t eligible for the required build’ error. Saurik is great but no help to people like me who just brought the iphone the same day Apple did “lets rock and roll’ and put in that signature server !! I did not even have time to know about ‘storing the ECID on file in Cydia server. Now I am suck with 3.1. Like another of us said : ‘the iphone is useless unless it is jailbroken’ I am supposed to fill up my 32G of memory with paid apps ??

  • Vincent

    Yes, the guy who originally wrote this posted the wrong shit !! They more or less copy and paste other work and let people thinks thats their own work. You can even see the pictures, the grammar, and the typo are the same. Sometime people has its successful on a 3G but didn’t verify it on a 3GS. But to be fair, I do not blame these people, they try to help. I blame Apple. They do this putting in these obstacle will not increase their Revennue but more hate from customers. I hope someone can open up a group in Facebook so that people can join and let Apple knows that how many people hate them doing this !!

  • kophoethar

    i upgraded iphone 3gs 3.0 to 3.1. but can’t jailbrake it. my 3gs is not factory unlock. :(
    i can’t jailbreak 3.1 and can’t downgrade to 3.0. so, i m very very worry. i want to cry. pls help me.

  • jhon kalvin

    i used toshiba A135 and win xp sp2…when i type cd Dekstop\irecovery\irecovery_svn and irecovery -s this is respon from my system: “the system can not execute the spesific program”…any body can helpme????

  • David

    Thanks a ton. It worked on me for a iPhone 3G (Not 3GS)

  • Feras


  • Paulo

    You open C Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts and you add “ gs.apple.com” (thanks saurik) and you save. You use iTunes 8.2 or 9.0 You try to restore “iPhone2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw” two time! It’s ok! If “error 3002” = I am sorry you cannot to restore 3.0 and you can update “Jailbreak 3.1” you can to download http://blog.iphone-dev.org/ (PwnageTool_3.1.dmg) but for Mac!!! I use windows vista :-(

  • Paulo

    PwnageTool_3.1.dmg = not work 3GS :-(, work 3G only!!!

  • gianvieve

    I never get to step 6… there is no confirmation window, it just starts restoring and in the end it doesn’t work, I get a “buf error” in Terminal before I can type fsboot.

    I went back to iTunes 9.0 and restored it there but I don’t have an active SIM so I can’t get into anything. Is it even possible to downgrade and jailbreak without an active SIM?

  • aman

    when i type the command iRecovery -s in command prompt this error appears i have installed libusb-win32-filter-bin

    “the system cannot execute the specified program”

    please help me

  • Chaos by Design

    My new 3Gs os (3.0.1)got erased in a nasty redsnow crash….where can I get the original 3.0.1 for a 3Gs and can I load it without Apple stopping it?

  • Carl

    I really need some help. I have tried downgrading my iPhone 3G from 3.1 to 3.0. I have downloaded iTunes versions 8.1 – 8.2 – 9.0. I have tried downgrading with all of iTunes versions mentioned above. I have downloaded the 3_0.ipsw firmware from 3 different sites now. Keep getting the same error 1600, 1602, 1604 with older versions of iTunes, and with 9.0 I get error 14.

    Someone, please help…

  • Boaz

    I have iPhone 3G, which I upgraded to 3.1 by mistake (so stupid).
    My efforts now is to downgrade to 3.0.
    The problam is that I tried 10 (!!!) times at least to do that.
    My iTunes is was downgraded to 8.2 and every time I end up with iPhone in recovery mode (iTunes log + the cable..)
    Any ideas?
    (tried the iRecovery way, the saurik why and all end up witht he same result)

  • @aman: try google iphone firmware

  • for those always “no iPhone found”
    actually iRecovery need a dll name called “MSVCR90.DLL”
    try to look for it in internet

  • Max

    This wont work if you have iTunes 9. Anyone know how to choose your own OS on iTunes 9?

  • Mudith

    hay guys, you know the libusb thingo it fully crashed my computer and now no usb ports work and it keeps rstarting. Does anyone know how to fix this. I can do anything in safe mode still.

  • jEY


  • Boaz

    It’s me again.
    So I found out the problem. I tried to jailbreak with redsn0w 0.8 instead of 0.72.
    Now my iPhone is 3.0 jailbreaked with redsn0w 0.72 and I tried to unlock with ultras0w but it didn’t unlock… My iPhone is searching for network forever..
    Reminder, I upgraded it to 3.1 and then down back to 3.0…
    Does it mean that I have to wait unroll the dev-team will come up with. Solution for the bashband or the is something that I’m missing?


    I had the same problem, then after using Pwnage Tool 3.1, I held Alt key while clicking restore, kept the alt key held longer than pressing the restore button. After I let up it let me choose.

    My problem still is that even trying to use Fuzzyband, it wont downgrade my baseband or bootloader something… says mine is incompatible because it is too new of an OS. Some people this might work.

    Try PPwnage Tool 3.1, that jailbreaks.
    Then using Cydia, download Fuzzyband and run it.
    Then using Cydia, download ultrasn0w to jail break.

    If your 3.1 OS is not totally totally brand new then you might be able to do it. Fuzzy will tell you if you cannot.

    I am in the cannot category. Hope someone comes out with a solution soon.

  • Paulo


  • einbaukueche

    WORKS FINE!!!!!!!

    Good work

  • DanielGato

    hi, when i process all the steps listed, but when i type fsboot nothing happens.. can anyone help me? i’ve typed many times, but still the same.. my iphone is 3gs

    Help Please..



    It works if you have the old baseband bootloader.

    I think anything newer than some version 0509 wont work. You can try with Fuzzyband. It will tell you.

  • Paulo

    Who have iphone 3gs 3.1, Modem: 05.11.07 work?

  • eyecoin

    I have a 3G with 05.11.07 baseband and ultrasn0w can NOT unlock, and Fuzzyband can NOT downgrade it.

  • i just downgrade a 3G (USA) from 3.1 to 3.0, met error 1015 and then using iRecovery to set auto-boot true. it become emergency call. i ignore it and proceed with redsnow 0.7.2, cydia in now. but no signal. found that modem is 5.xxx instead of 4.xxx, then i try FuzzyBand, no success because my bootloader is not 5.8.

    anyone can advice, please drop me a mail. thanks.
    ultrasnow only can work on 4.xxx, i am looking for 5.xxx unlocker.

  • Maher

    hi, I need to unlock my 3gs iphone, it wont accept the sim card, and goes for emergency call only, this is after updating to 3.1, does this help, what u mentioned

  • Neko

    Douse it only work on MAc

  • eyecoin

    you pretty much summed up my experience. I asked a bunch of hacker guys who run a lot of these site and they also confirmed that with our bootloader we have to wait. Nobody has developed an unlocker for what we have. We are in limbo.

  • Lance

    I have not tried all this but I’m 99% sure its not going to work for a Iphone 3GS 3.1 However it might work for all other Iphones just not the 3GS 3.1 If someone does find something that works please message me on aim at Lancerzor. Thank you very much.

  • spider

    i have an original 3gs 3.1 i followed the steps and i got error 3002 is there anyway i can get this to work?

  • eyecoin

    Depends on the baseband which you can check in your general settings, – about – modem firmware. If its the newest 0508 then you are locked up.

  • S. Jobs

    The iPhone 3G can have its firmware downgraded, so this guide only applies to those. The 3GS cannot be downgraded as of Sept 9 due to Apple checking 3GS ECID signatures – the only firmware available is 3.1.

    They are working on a jailbreak for 3.1, but it is not currently available. However, the baseband (which controls the cell phone usage) included for 3.1, 05.08 cannot be unlocked because no exploit exists for this baseband. Those whose iPhones came with 3.1 or updated their firmware will only be able to use the original cell carrier their phone is locked to.

  • DanielGato

    my modem is 05.11.07, does it works?

  • eyecoin

    I have 05.11.07 and that is locked. Maybe 05.08 works and I mis typed before.
    Lance should try it with Fuzzyband which he can get from Cydia.

  • Lauritz

    I guess I just wait for Dev Team to come with an solution :(
    This isn’t working for 3gs, no iPhone/iPod found…

    Guess I’m stuck with free apps for now. Don’t want to spend a lot of bucks when you soon (I hope!) can jailbreak 3.1 3GS.

    I just know for sure I ain’t going to upgrade to 3.1.1 and you shouldn’t either!

  • theman

    can u unlock the phone afterwards?

  • seb

    hey.. erm.. i accidentally upgraded my iphone 3gs to 3.1.. i had itunes version 9 and i uninstall it and install version 8.2 but when i try to restore it, it says something like not eligable.. can someone help me please…

  • mike

    This article stats “downgrading iPhone 3G3.1 to 3.0 your baseband will be still 05.08.01.” What is basband and is there a issue with 05.08.01?

  • Billy

    I have downgraded and my 3G iPhone from 3.1 back to 3.0.1 following the above instructions but I have a further problem… After a few hours my phone doesn’t receive calls or SMS’s. Its resolved by a restart but its a hassle to have to do so. Is this a common problem or is it just my phone?

  • Katerina

    Hi Can someone help me? have Itunes 8.2 and try to do this with windows but after step no.4 everything get automaticly and back to 3.1? After i klick on ALT this come out: Are you sure you want to restore the Iphone ”Iphone” to its factory settings? All your media and other data will be erased, and the newest version ot the iPhone software will be installed. By this point Im realy desperate. Many thanks for help

  • eyecoin

    You are screwed like many of us. updating to 3.1 gave you a new locked baseband. Just to confirm, go to General>About>Modem Firmware, does it say: 05.11.07?

    If so, you are locked. So far nobody has come up with a way to unlock phones with that firmware.

    Let’s hope DevTeam or someone eventually comes up with a solution.


  • max

    I Can’t Fsboot on windows. It dont work. Sam one help me please.

  • Sam

    I HATE YOU APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cathy

    I accidentally updated my 3G to 3.1. The modern firmware is showing 05.11.07 so I guess that means I’m pretty much screwed as well.

    Does anyone have any idea when we should be expecting the unlocking program for this new updated baseband?

  • Christos


    I am planning to buy a new iphone 3gs with firmware 3.0.1. Can someone tell me if I can jailbreak it? And what happened if the phone stuck during re-boot. What I do then? Do I have to restore it and thus updating my firmware to 3.1?
    Please help.

  • Goodman1501

    Cathy, so far no one ever says it is possible to come up with a unlock for the new baseband. At least all development team(s) effort are on JB took for 3.1 or make downgrade from 3.1 to 3.0 possible for 3GS. Unless these 2 are done, I think the teams will not spend time on the unlock. That is hell lot more difficult if there exists a possibility.

  • Tiya

    hi. Does anyone know how to write in CMD iRecovery on win7. oh my baseband 05.11.07 is it work?

  • Samir

    igot this messege

    iRecovery – Recovery Utility for 0x1281 and WTF.
    by wEsTbAeR– and Tom3q

    Got USB
    No iPhone/iPod found.

  • Paulo

    I tired wait! Apple stolen my moneys! I must to throw iPhone 3GS! I will buy Black Berry Storm!

  • Mike

    For all us on 3GS. It appears that we are left out of this fix.

    Unless we see a fix from BenM we are out of luck.

    Does anyone know anyway to to just wipe out the OS completely? Then we can restore back to 3.0 (hopefully).

    If not does anyone want a brand new 3GS for a 3G? :)

  • Cor


  • Dani

    Hiii guys. Quick Q, if you manage 2 downgrade 3GS from 3.1 to 3.0(or3.0.1)
    is it still possible to unlock the iPhone??
    Cos I’ve heard something about the baseband still remaining the same as before?????

    I’m stuck with the 3.1 on my 3GS now and my SIM-card is not valid with the phone.

    PLS respond ( to my email if possible)

    Thnx aloof

  • eyecoin

    Apple didnt steal your money. Everyone knows these are locked. That is the risk we all took.

  • tretts

    hi, i’ve the same problem of TIYA …what should i do to resolve the problem ??? i tried every possible guide but every time it given the same problem …
    please help !!!!
    (i’ve an iPhone 3GS with 3.1)

  • CJ

    Only Apple. I mean, really? They bash Windows so much, but when was the last time you got a Microsoft product where the engineers work so hard to make it impossible to load alternative stuff on there? The Xbox is super easy.

  • amindlesstorn

    i just downgraded from 3.1 to 3.0 but it wont sync any of my apps back on or even let me sign into itunes on the phone, can anyone help? please?

  • aldreat

    What Apple does with the 3gs is sign its ipsw at the moment that it is launched for restore. It has to return a message from the Apple server that says: “Ok, this ipsw is good for use.”

    Even if we were to block the signal using the “host” file, then it will simply shut the process down and return a negative. Blocking the signal is what makes the ipsw for 3.1 on the normal 3g eligible for downgrade.

    One problem is that Apple no longer signs its 3.0 or 3.0.1 software so technically it is impossible to downgrade, even through DFU mode where it is supposed to block its iboot sequence.

    If anyone has any idea of how to return a false positive to itunes (presumably this would mean modifying the itunes extensions themselves)please post them.

    THIS is probably the only method for 3gs users that I can think of. Hopefully, Devteam actually does makes a pwnage tool for Windows (even though they say they won’t.)

  • admatch

    I had a iphone 3gs 3.0 and had few issues and I got exchanged in the store, which now has iphone 3.1 – my bad, I can’t go back to 3.0 – how sad, eventhough I know 3.1 makes life difficult. Now apple doesn’t even sell any iphone with 3.0. I always have used 2 simcards on iphone and now I can’t do that! This is so silly. I am not confident of doing this downgrade either as so many 3GS user complaint about not getting it right.

  • Pete Cast

    I also upgraded to 3.1 with my 3G. I am totally stuck. I cannot reboot anything, when open Itunes I have the error message “using wrong SIM”. What should I do, I see only one solution: to buy a SIM from the local “authorised” provider (TMobile in Hungary).

  • dante

    @ADmatch iphone is locked to AT&T so once you updated your t mobile sim does not work so ur phone is locked again so basically your iphone has no service until u jailbreak it and unlockit again

  • Graciel

    I have a 3g 8g from att, it was on 3.1 and I downgraded to 3.0. Did the jailbrake and ultrasnow but it will not pick up the service. I tried the airplane mode, taking out the sim, restore the network and couldn’t get it to get service. Can you guys help?


  • jamie W.

    Try Fuzzyband* (available through Cydia on a jailbroken phone) which will downgrade the modem software (baseband). Then you will be able to unlock…..

    *Only works if bootloader is 5.08

  • Graciel

    I downloaded fuzzyband and it shows bootloader 5.09. What do I need to do?



    @Dante: Luckily I am not using T-mobile SIM anymore. Just changed to ATT. But the other SIM I am using is also ATT – my business phone! Thanks for your concern. I dont get 3g when I switch to my other SIM – reason being iphone has a different data plan!!! (eventhough my business phone has ATT unlimited data plan plus GPS, but no use through the iphone.
    Will it be possible anyday sooner to jailbreak /unlock the 3gs phones? Can you give us some glimpse of hope, please? wE WAITING ON YOU GEEKS.

  • jamie W.

    Graciel… To be honest I don’t know… I was told it only worked with 5.08, which my phone had.


  • steven

    I installed libusb_win32, and it demolished my pc, all my usb devices were gone.How to fix this pls any1????

  • IFe

    Thanks a million!! I followed the instructions up to #5 and it worked on the new itunes 9.1 and converted my phone 2G from the 3.1.2 to the 3.0 software.

  • Hopless iphone illiterate

    please help,,,
    I bought this iphone 3Gs 32GB from a well known electronics company that claims it’s unlocked and i paid a lot of cash for it (350KD = 1,224.42 USD) and that’s without a warranty,,isn’t that a rip off ?!!!
    ((note:: I live in Kuwait the town of nowhere ))
    damn them,, and honestly am pissed of and so mad,,,i have windows vista on my laptop computer,,,I have itunes 9….
    now my problem is that i have upgraded my iphone 3Gs to the newer release of iPhone OS which is 3.1
    ((I know that Dev team has already warned not to upgrade to any iPhone OS 3.1 Beta or final release till iPhone Dev team come up with solution to preserve jailbreak and unlock.)) well too late ,,, i was eager and curios,,,after that my iphone had no service so i couldn’t call or receive any calls( but yet the applications were working)
    and when i connect it to itunes it says that my sim card carrier is not supported (the thing here is that there are no supported sim carriers for the iphone,,i went to the telecommunication Co. with i got my sim card from and they say there’s nothing wrong with my sim card..)
    i took it to the company that sold me the iphone and informed them about the issue,, and both parts are tossing me around saying it’s not their problem,,,now who’s problem is it?!
    i’ve tried to solve this by myself,, i googled a zillion blogs & sites that tried really hard to solve this….
    but it got worse sadly,,,some one suggested that i restore the old OS that is 3.0,,i did using itunes 9,, and now my iphone won’t work it would just say slide for emergency calls…
    and i’m shy to ask this what does jail-breaking & unlocking iphone means?!!! and how do i fix this ?!

  • Goodman1501

    Hi IFE, when you upgraded your phone to 3.1, the baseband of the phone also got upgraded. Your phone must be one unlocked before and when it got upgraded, it lost its unlock status and become original, one which only work with its original carrier e.g. if the phone is originally from US, the original carrier is AT&T. Only their SIM work in your phone. This new 5X baseband currently is unlockable and so you have to wait until new tools come up. As a matter of fact, there had been enough warnings telling people not to upgrade to 3.1 just because of that. It is difficult to find method to unlock. Once unlocked, your phone can accept any SIM and make calls.

    It is nothing to do with jailbreak. Jailbreak will just enable your phone to accept non-iTunes apps.

    In the mean time, you can only use it like a Ipod Touch. Buy yourself a small handy Nokia as phone first and wait for the unlock tool to come out. It will.

  • hi. i have tried everything. but its not woriking on me. Help me.Extract it to desktop, then go to Terminal.
    Type the following:
    cd /usr
    sudo mkdir local
    cd /usr/local
    sudo mkdir lib
    cd /usr/local/lib
    sudo cp /users/YOURNAME/desktop/libusb-0.1.4.dylib .
    sudo chmod 755 libusb-0.1.4.dylib
    cd /users/YOURNAME/desktop
    ./iRecovery -s

  • abracadabra

    a bit of humour – having red all comments out, i understood why apple uses a “core of an apple” as their logo,- many people dreamed about new 3gs and when they got (“nipped”) it finally they lost their “heaven”. And this is total hell, we keep reading the useless terminology, trying to understand why iphones loop, no service and so on. I have decided to wait untill Dev team guys invent smth really working for 3gs 3.1 and 3.1.2 FWs and will meanwhile use my 3gs as wake up because in my home country no att :))
    Gd luck to all of you and especially to Dev team!!!

  • Harris

    After I tipe iRecovery -s i
    get Error -9 when setting configuration
    Closing USB connection…
    Please help

  • makaloni

    my terminal says:

    Last login: Thu Dec 16 17:35:44 on ttyp2
    Welcome to Darwin!
    valon-nivokazis-computer-2:~ Valon$ cd desktop
    valon-nivokazis-computer-2:~/desktop Valon$ ./iRecovery -s
    dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/local/lib/libusb-0.1.4.dylib
    Referenced from: /Users/Valon/Desktop/./iRecovery
    Reason: image not found
    Trace/BPT trap

    anybody help?