10 Responses to Download Purplera1n to Jailbreak iPhone 3GS 3.0 on Windows

  • viper says:

    this program works but dont try to put iblack list or nes or winterboard i will crash you phone and you will have to start all over overall is good at list the 3gs is moving some where good work team

  • shafeeq says:

    pieas halp me you have 3gs jailbrik tool

  • Rick says:

    I really do not understad what I am trying to achive by doing this jail break will I be able to watch streeming tv shows etc. Is this something I do from my home Dell of do I attempt it from my 3 gs? Any help would great! Thanks in advance oh ya backing up my phone this means plug it into iTunes bla bla bla ? Thanks again

  • shafeeq says:

    ihave 3gs i am updatin to 3.1 but noservic ples help

  • rohan says:

    my iphone 3gs has frozen with the U S B pic on it wat do i do now ?

  • NIGHTGOD1985 says:

    the purplera1n is bull i have try for 3 day cant download youtube and all other are miss leading u got to pay for a program to unlock your iphone 4,4s,3g,3gs
    so this is what i got to say to those who say is works.
    (FUCK OFF)***************