Change Number of Apps Icons Per Row in iPhone Folders with Five Icon Folder (Cydia App)

Fine Icon Folder is yet another useful Cydia App which lets you to adjust number of icons per row in iPhone folder to be displayed. Folders feature was added in iOS 4.0 which lets you organize apps into folders with drag-and-drop simplicity in tern it helps you to have faster access to your favorites apps.

By default folder has only four icons per row which can’t be changed, for instance those having iPhone 3GS, 4 or iPod Touch 3G, 4G with small screen real estate will find it frustrating to add more than sixteen apps within folder but with Five Icon Folder you can increase number of apps per row to be displayed within iPhone folders and get more apps in one screen without need of scrolling.

Once installed you can change Five Folder Icon settings from iPhone settings app

Five Icon Folder

Five Icon Folder

You can download Five Icon Folder from ModMyI repo.

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