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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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  • it really looks great & great trick.
    how about posting links to some sample images as shown in the screenshots?

  • Brian

    No HKLM in Reg on Win7 7057 x86, only HKEY. Search for specific file did not turn up anything

  • Skittish

    Does your computer boot?

    Thanks for the write up!

    ~win 7 fan

  • Roel

    This worked for build 7057, but it doesn’t seem to work in build 7068. Can anyone confirm this?

  • Adverb

    Just tried it on 7068. works great.

  • Roel

    Yes, it works again, made a typo :-/

  • ycm

    has anyone tried it on win7 beta 7000 x64????

  • We just released a free program that does it for you. It will reduce the image size to fit into the 256kb limit, and take care of all the registry changes:

  • HB

    Just tried it on 7100.
    Step 4 is not needed.
    Step 6: the files with the resolution in the name do not work (background1600×1200.jpg for ex) .

  • I created yet another logon background changer :
    This one has a nice WPF based UI, and needs admin rights only once to change the logon background (great for users who like to change their background often). Works on Windows 7 RC1 and RTM (final version).

  • MWoods

    Cool. Do you know of a way to change the size of the user picture on this screen? It’s decent size when you have only one user but with two users they get really small. Maybe another handy utility?

  • marty

    yeah the steps work on windows 7 rc and a small changer available for download at allows to select any jpg file and set it as windows 7 background without any fuss

  • vaibhav singh

    works like a charm..


  • Saurabhorange

    East or west My logon screen changer is the best
    remember to run it as admin

  • Moff25

    Yes. This works on X64 also.
    Just copy the file to C:WindowsSystem32OOBEINFOBackgrounds and make the registry change.
    (No need to copy it to the SYSWOW64 folder)

  • It won’t let me change it back. How do I fix this!

  • Vr_kaos

    Thanks for the TIP. Have a nice 2011.

  • Badboyz_steven

    i dun have “OEMBackground” appear,so how can i change?

  • delete every picture in “%windir%System32oobeinfobackgrounds”. Windows will show the default picture

  • in regedit, where the key should be:
    – right click
    – click “New…”
    – click “DWORD (32-bit) Value”
    – call it “OEMBackground”
    – set it’s value to be 1

    That should work…

  • maineguy

    i tried it on windows 7 ultimate and it did not change anything. i followed all steps except for the size of the pic which is more than 256kb. anyone who knows why it does not change?

  • Anon

    How is this not a ‘manual hack’? The registry is a pile of hacks.

  • Thanks for making the steps to changing the logon screen wallpaper so easy! In addition to adding personal touches to the background, I wanted to let you know that you can also change the logon box with just a few tweaks. The steps are pretty easy and users are able to get a sleek, modern logon box that didn’t originally make it to the final Windows Vista product. You can find more info on how to do it here:

  • Hesseltinet

    Yeah I did all the above and it still loads the original background

  • Guest

    Very good. worked.

  • Elron

    Thanks it worked!

  • Dsds

    Is there easier way..

  • Sir Speaker

    After following the steps, is there anything you should do to excute it

  • arsalan

    what about multiple pics in the background? If i have selected 10 pictures for desktop background, and through settings the background image changes after every 5 minutes, can i get this setting also when i lock my win 7?

  • Chrone

    With some minor troubelshooting, I found that this was not working for me because I had the file titled “backgroundDefault.jpg” even though it was listed as a jpeg. I had to take off the .jpg to change the name to “backgroundDefault” and it worked.
    Thank you for publishing this article!

  • Fixed

    you have to enable “Always use custom logon background” in GPO
    open up gpedit.msc go to computer configurationAdministrative TemplatesSystemlogon

  • Ray

    Thank you, works absolutely fine :)