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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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  • Stuart

    Using your method 2, you dont need to do that notepad/regisry stuff

    just do the search, then you will see them, just double click them and they will then be available along with all the others when you click personalize

    i’m guessing you just get english speaking countries because i have english windows

    does anyone know if there are other countries and how to get them?

  • Ramca2010

    worst procedureeeee. waste

  • Patro Dinesh

    dude chk this out ..its got cooler win 7 tricks!!!…

  • Revi_opw

    i just have the german one and can´t finde any other country…

  • Chris

    thanks found them and they are great.

  • White

    Once I’m able to reveal them, is it possible to delete them? Or are they like the Aero theme? Thanks in advance.. =)