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Google Android is first open source Linux kernel based mobile operating system which is used by T-mobile G1 phone. That’s the reason G1 phone is also known as first google android mobile phone. We have posted about Google Android G1 phone emulator which lets you to test the feature of G1 Phone. If you have ever tried that emulator then you might have noticed the default theme which comes with Google Android which is pretty clean, slick and eye-catching.

If you have ever wished to have similar Google Android Theme for your Sony Ericsson mobile phone then your wish has come true. One of talented user Yordan Dobrev (mediar) from winmatrix forum has developed first Google Android Theme using Sony Ericsson theme Creator.

Features of Google Android Theme for Sony Ericsson Phones

– This is the first theme for mobile phone which imitates Google Android
– All of the images are on the right place, synchronized with the real OS
– The Media Manager has skin which is like the player in Google’s OS
– You can change the wallpaper with your own without to remove the status bar and the softkeys background.

Screenshots of Google Android Theme for Sony Ericsson Phones

Google Android Theme for Sony Ericsson

Yordan Dobrev has developed three different themes, Basic one for K810/T650, Premium for W910/K850 and Ultimate for W980/C905. The theme is tested on following models: W910, K850, and G502

Please keen in mind that this is first ever release of Google Android Theme hence you may expect some bugs which will get fix soon. if you have any question, query or any issue then you may reach to developer of this theme here.

Download Free Google Android Theme for Sony Ericsson Phones.