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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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  • Fdsrgjgfh

    u gotta be kidding me, paying 300 FUCKIN dollar for a WINDOWS????? I better die. Hack all da way

  • Ahmet


  • Joeblow

    We are sure that thiz article iz fulla baloney … after update to SP1 the original Loder crack still works, maybe M$ gave up I suppose, if it was created by humans (the security mechanisms) they can also be broken by humans, the only way microsoft or any other company can ever succeed in protecting their software is if they were to hire an extraterrestrial to do the programming with his native logic (which also should be unknown to other humans LOL) … oh I could go on – believe me I could go on LOL – fazit … SP1 Final, activates just fine with Loader as usual, no need to go out looking for any spezialized cracks for this one :) Crack away people – crack away :)