Samsung And The Giant Apple: Is This The War Of The Modern World?

Samsung Vs Apple

Featuring the largest handset on the market, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is an intimidating weapon to tackle. However, this also means that Samsung has a lot riding on this phone, and could potentially be biting off more than they can chew. With Apple being one of the largest companies in the world, they’re set to take a lot of hits coming from Samsung.

For starters, the only thing really differentiating these two giants is their size. Samsung has always been the industry leader, but with Apple eating into their profits, they could be looking at their worst situation yet. We’ve seen what publicly traded companies do to take out their competition. Do you think that Samsung could actually win one of these fights?

Mobile Market Share By Brand

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The next thing that companies are aspiring to tackle: Apple Pay. Samsung has already had its fair share of problems with this payment system, and thought it was an easy way to get customers to buy its products. It doesn’t require NFC communication, so it can be used anywhere. The problem is that Apple Pay doesn’t really affect them yet as they usually remain in the background of the payment system.

If Samsung was truly worried about Apple Pay, they would do everything they could to get into action and make sure people know that it’s a viable option. But there seems to be a lot of confusion over payments.

The price of the phone isn’t anything new, but it could be one of the biggest disadvantages that they have against them. With Apple coming out with phones as high as $1000, you’re really looking at a premium experience with an Apple phone. Samsung really has to fight that battle if they want to take the lead in the smartphone market. It’s been reported that Apple sold over 50 million units in the last quarter, and it’s not impossible that they could reach up to 100 million phones sold. If you account for all of the different factors involved with this proposed war.

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Space Invader On The Horizon

There could be a new threat on the cards for Samsung and Apple, a mutual threat by the name of Elon Musk. Elon musk has claimed he will be willing to start his own brand of smartphone following on from his acquisition of Twitter. Some smartphone manufactures have claimed they will no longer support Twitter due this actions, making chunks of employees redundant and his overall behaviour. To this he has responded with a threat to create his very own smartphone. Although it is not likely anything will come of this threat the fact that a multi billion dollar entrepreneur would threaten to start his own smartphone brand is a worrying prospect for the industry. Musk has been known to take up projects that he has no business even touching and this one could see him coming into direct competition with Apple, Samsung and Google.

As Musk continues to develop new approaches to battery power for Tesla, there is a chance he has the capabilities for revolutionising the smartphone market with battery power that we have never seen before. A new report by Musk’s company, Tesla Motors, said that it had begun production of batteries with wireless charging capabilities. These batteries will be used to power their Powerwall energy storage units. Musk did not reveal any further details about the production other than it was a part of a Tesla project called “the machine that makes the machine.” Musk mentioned this during his latest TED talk on developing sustainable energy practices for our planet. Aside from producing batteries that power homes and vehicles, Tesla is also focusing on building cars and solar panels, which can all make a new smartphone in need of less charging.

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