Get Back Office 2003 Classic Menu & Toolbar on Office 2007 with UBitMenu

Office 2003 Classic Menu on Office 2007

Microsoft Office is not only easy to use but also feature rich office application suitable for work place. Until Office 2003 almost every menu, toolbar & shortcuts were same but in office 2007 Microsoft has made significant changes replaced menu with ribbon feature & changes in file format like Doc to Docx.

Long time users of Office 2003 may find it Office 2007 difficult to use and it takes time to get accustomed to the new ribbon based interface of Office 2007. But till that time you may find loss in your productivity while working on Office 2007.

I am sure no one wants to have loss in productivity while you are at work. If you are one such user who has recently migrated to office 2007 from office 2003 then UBitMenu is extremely useful Office 2007 add-on for you.

UBitMenu lets you to get back old office 2003 style classical menu on Office 2007. It will emulate / activate the Office 2003 menu in Word 2007, Excel 2007 and Powerpoint 2007. UBitMenu does not hide the ribbon interface, but adds the classic menu as a new ribbon.

UBitMenu also brings back old Office 2003 Menu, Toolbar & keyboard shortcuts in Office 2007. You can continue to work efficiently with office 2007 as well as recognizing power of Office 2007 ribbon feature.

Screenshot of UBitMenu Add-on for Office 2007

UBitMenu Office 2007 Add-on

Download UBitMenu Add-on For Office 2007 & get back Old Office 2003 Classic Menu on Office 2007.

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5 thoughts on “Get Back Office 2003 Classic Menu & Toolbar on Office 2007 with UBitMenu”

  1. That’s fine Daniel, but the ‘Ribbon’ has been shown to REDUCE productivity by an -average- of 20 percent in the workplace… that’s 1.5 hours per employee, per day.

    Not exactly what I would call progress by M$ and their teams of ‘developers’.

    Furthermore, the FITTS efficiency dropped again with Office 2010.

    Lower efficiency with marginally useful features?

    Most employers should keep Office 2003.

  2. Tried to download but it’s in German. I like to understand what I’m attempting to download on my PC!

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