Create Bootable CentOS/Redhat USB Drive on Windows with ISO2USB

Portable Linux USB

With increasing use of USB drive more and more users looking for bootable OS USB drives. Specially users with Netbook or having old computer lacking optical drive. In past we have covered two free tools uSbuntu Live Creator & Ubuntu Live Imager which lets you to create bootable Live Ubuntu USB drive.

Today we are here with yet another interesting freeware tool ISO2USB for CentOS/RedHat which is a simple, easy to use utility designed to create bootable USB drive from CentOS / RedHat 5.x installation disk or corresponding ISO image.

With ISO2USB you can create CentOS bootable USB drive or Redhat bootable USB drive.

ISO2USB for CentOS/RedHat

ISO2USB For CentOS & Redhat

Download ISO2USB for CentOS/RedHat.

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