Paylocity- The software taking the industry by the storm


Paylocity is an interactive Learning Management System for Employee training across myriad industries. It boasts features such as API integration and supports Business hours, Live online, and online community support. This software can be used for employee training as well as customer training. The Paylocity software is deployed as a mobile application and also is self-hosted cloud-based. Other than that, it is compatible with Apple Safari and Google Chrome.

With the help of the above-mentioned features and a few more, Paylocity Reviews are staggering, to say the least. With the success stories in almost all major industries such as Education Management, Financial Services, Health & Wellness, and Fitness Manufacturing and Retail, the success rate only seems to be going up. This amazing gem of software does the following

1. Connecting Across the Branches

When there are numerous branches in a company, in many cases it has been noted that different departments or branches do not share relevant information. Sometimes, unknowingly and a few times knowingly. Paylocity’s social collaboration and internal communication tool, Community can help with the silos in the companies.

2. Personalized Onboarding Experience

There is a lot of official data to be entered into the system when anyone new is hired, with the help of Paylocity extensive data entry and resulting mistakes can be avoided. This helps in the timely receival of documents to the employees and offers a more personalized experience to the new hires.

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3. Diversity in the Data

Paylocity is an innovative software, it enables you to make quicker and better decisions. And these data-driven decisions tend to be strategic in the long run. The data insights can be used to mine the relevant data without even having to generate reports. This is done by just filtering the required fields. This feature could be used to make conscious decisions even regarding the inclusivity and diversity of the people regarding race, gender, and even ethnicity.

4. Partners Paving the Way Forward Together

With the help of Paylocity software, organizations can communicate quickly as well as effectively. And, the resultant communication can be systematically tracked. At the time of the Covid 19 and the simultaneous social unrest, Paylocity came up with timely enhancements, such as an Emergency Contact Dashboard to transmit critical information to employees and to be in touch with them.

5. Unlocking Communication and Collaboration

Paylocity’s recognition platform Impressions can help to publicly recognize the employees across the organization. This can be a great idea to keep the employees engaged and in turn higher performing and also happier. The said Impressions platform is embedded right into the community feed. This makes the communication and collaboration between employees and even employees and management easier.

6. Appraising Employee Opinions

An increase in engagement of the employees using surveys module to gather the regular surveys in the form of opinion polls, exit polls surveys, and as simple (and digital) sign-up sheets with the use of Paylocity survey module. This regularity in surveys can help in tracking how a company is doing against the set goals.

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7. Building a Customized Standard

The recruitment and onboarding have been using different systems, but with the help of Paylocity’s Recruiting and onboarding module, within its platform, the tasks can be completed and tracked in one place and the information moves from recruiting into onboarding and then to the employee records seamlessly.

8. Checking In at Clock In

If your employees are regularly required to rotate within the company between different locations their attendance can be a hassle and extra workload on the manager. Instead, Paylocity’s Time and Attendance streamlines this entire process, reduces errors and takes the extra load off the manager’s plate.

The help of all the mentioned features and timely innovation on the part of Paylocity has resulted in nothing short of amazing Paylocity reviews.



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