Steps to Develop a SharePoint Online Content Migration Plan

Sharepoint Migration

Many companies are scheduling to move their assignments to Office 365, and as part of that, to use SharePoint Online as their team platform. There are various approaches for SharePoint Migration projects, and there are a variety of reviews of the tools and available resources for migration. When you first start thinking about migration, IT professionals may see a selection of a migration tool as their first job, and this can be scary as a variety of tools are available. Instead, we suggest that if you spend time researching and planning the migration approach, then selecting a service provider will become an easy task. Something that has changed significantly in recent years is the obligation for companies have to comply with data guidelines. Below mentioned are some of the important point which must be considered when migrating to SharePoint Online.

Analysis and Discovery

First, you are going to need to look in detail at the information which needs to be migrated. There may be tools to automate some of the process of SharePoint On Premise to SharePoint Online migration. Regardless of whether you can automate discovery, you will also need to communicate with business owners about the information and shape of the data, and about their importance for the migration. Allow a few weeks for this stage before you choose how to tackle the technical part of the migration.


The second step is cleansing, which is partially about working down the difficulties. But as well as looking at the data from the outside, it’s important to try to discover the contents of the data objects.

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Tag and Classify

You may have the chance, dependent on which tools you are using, to apply metadata tags as you carry out a migration, as well as listing the data items. You are not trying to create a complete information architecture, but simple steps can help later on.

Secure and Migrate

Make sure that your plan specifies what data is going to need to be protected. You will need to look for, and plan how to handle Regulated data, sensitive data, and classified data. All the things can be taken care of if you opt for an expert service provider like Apps4Rent.

Enable and Connect

After all that preparation, you can start the process of migration. Don’t forget to plan a UAT activity, possibly for each phase, structuring this in advance will help you to measure success later. You also need to plan for adoption. This usually takes longer than expected. A good tip is to record all the problems that arise, and use them to form regularly asked questions that you can publish occasionally.

Integrate and Automate

In a nutshell, what is needed to retain compliance in the newly migrated world, is to make it as easy as possible for employees to follow the agreed data handling procedures. Business owners can check all the automated processes in this stage and integrate according to their needs if the automation is not working as they wanted.

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