How to Cite Websites

Every student desires to write the best content to help them express views to the readers well. One of the ways of enhancing the credibility of your paper is a student is by citing websites accurately and consistently.

This may help you to avoid plagiarism and allow your readers to locate the sources with ease. It can also give good credit to the authors about the ideas or words used in the paper. Here are specific guidelines on how you can cite websites


Citing entire site

If you want to cite the entire website, provide the site address within the text document. In this case, you don’t need to have the site as part of your reference list as in the case of books and journals. Paraphrase the content and avoid direct quotes from the source because this may result in plagiarism.

APA style of referencing is one of the best sources of information that you can follow. The format and elements needed for citing websites in APA style are the same as those used in citing articles. The citation order may vary depending on the availability of information, for example, if there is no author.

Source credibility

Students in the university are required to submit tasks and assignments with information from credible sources. Consider whether the content author has written several other articles on the subject and check for any credentials to be a specialist in that field. Check if they have any social media profiles and whether you can contact them. You may also go through other credible individual’s work to find if they have referenced this author.

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A simple way of referencing authorities and legislation is by using the OSCOLA citation generator. This tool from Uk.EduBirdie enables you to ensure consistency and to consider readers by making citations appear as footnotes. Being keen on source credibility may help you to compile content that is suitable for your audience and your content may receive reviews if it was meant for publication.

Generating author information and date

Author information can be found at the bottom or near the top of the web page. If the content on the webpage has a single author, the last name should appear first in your citation. This should be followed by a comma, initial of the first name and middle name in that order, and finally a period.

For multiple authors, the last name should appear first, then a comma, the first name’s initial, and lastly, a period. Follow the same procedures for the other authors but before the name of the final author, put ampersand & then last name, comma, first name initial, and period in that order. Include the date of publication depending on the referencing style applicable.



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