How To Run The Applications With Administrator Privileges Permanently On Windows

Windows users will install many applications as per their need. When the installation happens, the applications will require administrator privilege whereas it is not required for running it. Among them few applications will require administrator privilege all the time. It is quite hard to right-click on the application icon to run it as administrator whenever launching the application.

It would be pretty time-saving, If it is set to open with administrator privileges. Windows lets the users to set this in the properties of the applications. Follow the instructions to do so.

Step 1:

Go the installed application folder. Point to *.exe file in the program files. Normally, It should be in the C:\Program Files (x86)  or C:\Program Files unless the installation location hasn’t been changed.

Step 2:

Right click on the *.exe file. Click on “Properties”

Step 3:

Switch to ” Compatibility ” tab

Run As Admin - Windows

Step 4: 

Check “Run this program as an administrator” option which is available at the bottom of the window

Step 5:

Click on ” Change settings for all users ” , if you need this to be applied for other users

Step 6:

Click on “OK” Now, Windows will remember this choice and the application will be opened with administrator privileges all the time

Run As Admin - Windows


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