Tab Killer is an Alternative Tool For Default Bookmarks Option in Chrome

Though we have many apps for web and mobile devices to save links and read later, the default “Bookmarks option” also helps you maintain important links for quick access. Without any applications, you can use the bookmarks option to organize all your favorite links and save multiple tabs in your browser. Today I’ve come with a new Chrome extension called “Tab Killer”, which is an excellent alternative to the default bookmarks option in Chrome. It lets you easily save, manage and delete links from a separate pop out window with the help of shortcuts. Here’s how it works.

tab killer 1

You can download Tab Killer from Chrome web store using the link below. Once you install the extension, you can see the Tab Killer icon near to your URL bar. First time, when you click that, you will see only an empty window with a title “Bookmarks”. To start with the extension, you need to know two important shortcuts. First one “Alt+A”, to save any link from your browser. Next one “Alt+Z”, to open the Tab killer bookmarks window. With the help of these two shortcuts, you can save and manage all your favorite links instantly.

tab killer 3

By default, all your existing bookmarks will be synced to the extension. You can access them under “Bookmarks” option in the pop out window. As soon as you save a link when you open the pop out window, you can see a “Pin Shaped icon” at the end of all the links. It is like a “Check box” for the app. On the left side you can see an “Options icon” moving all over wherever you move the cursor. These pinned and unpinned links can be removed using that options icon.

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tab killer 2

Using that Options button you can clear all the bookmarked links in the extension. Also, it lets you add the saved links to default bookmark options in the browser. For all these operations, the pin at the end of every link can be used to select or deselect the links. If you come across an interesting link when you browse, you can use the Tab Killer shortcuts to quickly save those links for later reference. If you are a kind of person, who keep the links in separate tabs for reading later, this extension will help you kill those tabs and gives you a clutter free interface.

You can watch the video tutorial above to understand more about the application. Try this in your browser and share your experience with us in the comments. Thanks for reading, do share this post with your friends.

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