Fast Image Research: Perform Reverse Image Search With A Single Click

Do you remember the time Google rolled out their new feature that allowed people to make searches using images they found? Whether those were images found on their personal computer or just images found on the Internet. Well, this nifty little tool makes the whole experience richer and better.

Fast Image Research is an extension for Google Chrome that allows people to make quickly researches based on images they find on the Internet or in simple words, you may say that it allows you to perform a reverse image search. These images can be on Google Images itself, or on any other website, such as Tumblr, Facebook, deviantART, etc.

The purpose of this tool is to make the whole browsing and researching an image easier. By default, a user would be required to navigate to, then go to Images, then click on the “Search by Image” feature and then either save the image to upload it, or just provide a link to the image on the Internet. This tool allows users to make a simple right-click on the image wherever they found it on the Internet to make a search. No need to waste time in all that hassle given above.

Using the tool is pretty simple and fun. All you have to do is navigate to the extension page and install the extension. As for now, the extension is available only for Google Chrome and Firefox. Once done, you can right-click on any image you find over the Internet and click on the context “text link” that reads “Research Image”. The application will automatically upload the image onto the Google Search feature and search the image. The Google search results will be displayed to you in a seconds.

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I found the extension to be really helpful. Especially if you run a designing blog and want to find credits for a specific image. You can quickly search for multiple images in a go and find the credits and so.

Download Fast Image Research For Chrome

Download Fast Image Research for Firefox



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  1. thnks for the info..however it reduces the searching time…besides that many dn’t use even if this is available as every one were habituated for google search ..

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