Quick Maps: View Google Maps of Addresses on Web Pages in Floating Window

When you visit the website of a restaurant, cinema, or any other physical building, you can almost always find the place’s address mentioned somewhere on the website. To get an idea where the place is exactly located, you normally copy the address off the website, head on over to Google Maps, paste the address there, and then take a look at the generated map image. This involves quite a number of steps and also means that you have to leave the original webpage you were on.

Here to make the process simpler by providing a shortcut solution is a tool called Quick Maps.

Quick Maps 1

Quick Maps is a free to use browser tool that helps you easily get a visual idea of the location of physical addresses mentioned on websites. The extension basically opens up a floating window that displays the location of the address in Google Maps without redirecting your original webpage. You start by installing the extension. No new icons are added on your browser’s address bar and the space up there is left neat and tidy. With the extension installed, you should find an address on a website.

Quick Maps 2

If the address is in a format of one of the supported countries, you might see the Google Maps floating window automatically appear when you hover the mouse pointer over the address. If the window does not show up, you should highlight the address, then right click on it, and then click on the “Search with Quick Maps” option.

Quick Maps 3

The floating window will appear with Google Maps loaded up. Your address will be marked on the map. Like any other Google Map you can get different views and you can zoom into the map as well as zoom out.

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Quick Maps 4

As you can see, this simple to use extension is a user-friendly way to visualizing the location of an address on a webpage without being redirected from the original page.

In conclusion, Quick Maps can be a very helpful extension. It works as accurately and it helps keep the original webpage in view. What would otherwise be an action of copying the address, opening a new tab, opening Google Maps, and then pasting the address has been reduced to simply highlighting the address and visualizing it on a floating map.

Download Quick Maps for Google Chrome



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