Apple iTunes 8.0.2 Released Download Now

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iTunes is audio player & music organizer from Apple dedicated for iPhone, iPod and iPod touch. With iTunes you can transfer music from your computer to iPhone or iPod touch. Not just music but you can also watch and download TV Shows, Podcast.

Apple has releases latest version of iTunes 8.0.2 which has capability to update your iPhone firmware to OS 2.2 .iTunes 8.0.2 has several bug fixes and enhancement. Here is list of bugs fixed in iTunes 8.0.2

iTunes 8.0.2 Fixes

1. Fixed quality issue creating MP3s on some computers.

2. Fixed a connectivity issue with the iTunes Store Mac OS X.

3. Improved accessibility with VoiceOver.

Screenshot of iTunes 8.0.2

iTunes 8.0.2

Download iTunes 8.0.2 from Apple website.

Direct Download iTunes 8.0.2 .

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8 thoughts on “Apple iTunes 8.0.2 Released Download Now”

  1. Where the f@$k can I download itunes 8 for my wondows vista it wont let me anywhere its pissing off

  2. HEEEEELP!!!

    I’ve tried every way that I could think of to download itunes 8.0 and everytime it gets to the end of installation and it is at the process “stopping services” and then a window pops up and with a big red X of death it says “Error 1921.Service ipod service could not be stopped. Verify that you have the sufficient priveleges to stop system services.” if I hit retry, it just comes up again… if I hit cancel, then it uninstalls everything that was already installed. Can someone please help me?!?!


  3. I have been trying to download iTunes 8.0.2 all day and was promised e-mails several times. None of these have arrived, although you collected £ 33 from me for five years iTunes service (??)

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