How to Unlock T-Mobile G1 Phone

Unlock and Activate G1 Phone

The trend of locking mobile phone to specific service provider is not new to us. The most popular apple iPod Touch and iPhone are also locked with Apple service. Similarly first Google Android G1 Phone is also locked with T-mobile. Incase of iPhone and iPod Touch we have free jailbreaking and unlocking tools but for G1 phone you have to do it manually.

One of most important part in Unlocking G1 Phone is unlock code. You can get SIM Unlock code from T-mobile, in order to request SIM Unlock Code to T-Mobile Customer Care you need have active account for 90 days. Here is guide on How Unlock and Activate your T-Mobile G1 Phone.

How to Unlock and Activate T-Mobile G1 Phone

1. You can officially obtain SIM Unlock code from T-Mobile by Requesting Here. Or you can use Third party Service Unlock-tmobileg1.com which charges $23.99 USD.

2. Insert T-Mobile SIM Card in your G1 Phone

Insert T-Mobile SIM Card in G1 Phone

3. Now Press Menu Button and Switch on the G1 Phone using Power button. (Do not release menu Key)

4. Your G1 Phone should start in safe mode

5. Now Press Emergency Dial Button and Type *#06# Key. This will show you IMEI Number.

Emergency Dial on G1 Phone

6. Provide this IMEI Number to T-Mobile Customer Care or to www.unlock-tmobileg1.com to get SIM Unlock code

7. Return to Main Screen Menu and Access APN Settings

8. A list of preset APN will be shown, you need to click on New APN button

New APN Setting in G1 Phone

9. Now Scroll down on New APN setting Screen and enter following details

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MCC (Mobile Country Code), and MNC Mobile Network Code

Here is list of World MCC / MNC codes.

Enter MCC and MNC Code on G1 Phone

10. Now Switch off your G1 Phone

11. Insert Non T-Mobile SIM card which you have planned to use with G1 Phone.

12. Switch on Your G1 Phone.

13. A Prompt for Enter Unlock Code with popup, enter correct Unlock Codes which you have received from T-Mobile. (Entering Wrong Unlock code more then Three time may permanently hardware lock your g1 Phone)

14. After Successfully Entering Unlock Code will activate your GPRS / EDGE / 3G Data Service will be active as per APN Setting .

15. Type Google User name / Password in Signing Window and this will Activate the Unlock G1 Device on your SIM Card.

16. Enter remaining Data Setting like MMS / Home Page / Port to Active other Data Service.

Here is Sample Setting for AT&T Data Service for Unlocked G1 Phone

Menu button -> Settings -> Wireless Controls -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names -> Menu Button > New APN

Name: AT&T
APN: wap.cingular
Proxy: leave blank
Port: leave blank
Username:[email protected]
Server: leave blank
MMSC: http://mmsc.cingular.com
MMS Proxy: wireless.cingular.com
MMS Port: 80
APN Type: leave blank

Please keep in mind that Non T-Mobile SIM card which you have planned to use with G1 Phone must have Data Plan or GPRD service activated so that your g1 Phone will be able to connect to Google to activate your G1 Phone.

Video on How to Unlock T-Mobile G1 Phone (Google Android)



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19 thoughts on “How to Unlock T-Mobile G1 Phone”

  1. well… i actually have a german G1 phone (T-mobile) and tried to unlock it. Unfortunately it does not work, because after putting in a e.g. vodafone telephone card, the field for the unlock code does not pop up. Does anyone know, if it is necessary to first change the APN number to adjust for the new card ? Would i need a T-mobile phone card in the first place to do so ? If this is the case, i am screwed since i bought the phone through Ebay and it had apparently never been run with the initial T-mobile card.

  2. Hi! i followed ur instruction but still my G1 doesnt WORK! It’s say “THIS COULD BE A TEMPORARY PROBLEM OR UR SIM CARD MAY NOT BE PROVISIONED FOR DATA SERVICES.” what will i do?… Please HELP ME! Thanks u!

  3. PLEASE NEED YOUR HELP ASAP! after I successfully got the phone from my relative abroad. i decided to reset phone to factory settings to erase old data. Big mistake!
    Now it is prompting me to sign in to my gmail account and I can’t because I receive a message that says” SIM CARD HAS TO BE PROVISIONED FOR DATA SERVICES”
    Does anyone.. knows what steps can I follow now?
    Thank you!

  4. ok I was wondering I don’t think my G1 was unlocked so would I be able to unlock it still and wit a tmobile sim card?

    also what’s unlockin it do? plz help

  5. the says to me that they are too many pattern attempts and it asking me for a google account and a password and i dont have it hoe can i unlock it ????

  6. To anyone thinking about buying a G1 Phone there are lots of things that you have to consider… biggest is whether your service provider will support it.

    I have one myself, I am living in India. The phone is unlocked and working on Vodafone… well sort of…

    Though I can make/recieve calls, I dont have GPRS working. I am however able to access my email/android market/browse the internet via the wireless connection that comes with the phone (ie using my home computer wireless network to gain access to the internet).

    I now know that my GPRS plan does not support the G1 phone… I need to change my SIM to a better provider like Airtel and activate their Mobile Office GPRS package.

    Google G1 is a great phone, but there are some difficulties when setting it up. I wish I could work out all the kinks… sure I will get there eventually.

  7. I was wondering if say my ATT sim card didnt have a data plan, so can i use a friends to activate it? and can i use my sim card after?

  8. Wat if I want to use my g1 with my tmobile sim card that doesn’t have the data plan???What do I do????pls reply

  9. I want to use my G1 with my Tmobile sim card, but it doesnt have a data plan. What do I do? How do I activate it?

  10. hey guys,,,,,,,,, my g1 is asking me to sign in to my gmail account, i have enter but it is not working please help me i will be very thankfull

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