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  • Adele

    Thx ^^

  • ed

    are this the final firmware release by apple today?
    or is a beta O.S.

  • redspade04

    thanks. i was running beta 5 and it wouldnt update. so thanks for posting the links up.

  • Eric


    I know how to jailbreak my ipod and all that i did it with the 2.2.1 version. I am trying to update with the new 3.0 and then jailbreak it later but i am running into problems after i download the above file Download iPod Touch 2G Firmware 3.0 <—- after i download this and unzip it there is no .ISPW file to restore my ipod with? Can sombody please point me in the right direction? please email asap. Thanks!

  • steve

    with no .ispw file try renameing zip to ispw see if that works

  • MNSearcher

    Just rename the file .ISPW The file itself is the ISPW

  • Hello here the same problem Please help


    Your links do not work, whether I click direct or “save as”

  • Guys Guys When you Downlad its .zip make sure you rename to .IPSW you guys are Renaming WORNG its not ispw but its IPSW i just downald it and rename i unlocked my 1st Gen works Fine in 3.0 more info you can check my blog thanks.

  • tomoharu

    uhm, how can i download the iPod 3.0 update? evrytime i click the link something shows up and it says error. idk why. how can i download this thing?

  • Dacore270

    Ok downloaded and restored onto my Ipod iTouch 2.2.1, now what?

  • the links dont work for me! can you help?

  • the following links:
    Download iPhone OS 3.0 Build 7A341 Software Update
    Download iPhone 2G Firmware 3.0

    Download iPhone 3G Firmware 3.0

    Download iPod Touch Firmware 3.0

    Download iPod Touch 2G Firmware 3.0

    dont want to work for me. can anyone help me please?

  • Kingbirdi

    Hi, downloaded the iPod Touch 2G Firmware 3.0 and renamed the .zip to .ipsw. When I tried to pwnage it it says WRONG FIRMWARE BUNDLED. Any ideas, please? Help. Thanks.

  • Rambo

    Download the file with Firefox not Internet Explorer.

  • Sagar

    yep…same problem….the links ain’t working anymore!!

  • Sagar

    anyone who has already downloaded 3.0 firmware for ipod touch 2G, please host it on some free storage server. That’ll be great. Thank you!!

  • pikaaman

    hi, i have the same problem. the links are to download the new 3.0 firmwares are down!

    help appreciated!

  • pikaaman

    i just realised that the firmwares download links for iphone 2G and 3G are working fine but not quite the same for ipod touch 1G and 2G.

    host, can you give us a new link again? thank you.

  • steve sommer

    The iPod Touch 1st gen link is dead

  • Greg Sigalet

    I am having the same problems as a few others. the links above will not work for me. I have a 2G Ipod touch. Every time i click the link it says HTTP 403 Forbidden. please help

  • betsy

    I have an iTouch 2g, I can’t seem to do this on my MacBook. I got the link downloaded and everything, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Kyou

    ummm hello does this firmware 3.0 work for ipod touch 2nd Gen 16GB???? with firmware 2.2.1? do i download both ipod touch files and test both plz explain? how do you get it to run on 3.0

  • PMCK

    I have downloaded 3.0 for my 2G iphone with my MAC how do i install it? everytime i double click it ITunes pops up. I have also renamed it IPSW.

  • jk

    ive downloaded the ipod touch 1G package and ive extracted all the files but i dont know what to do next. ive got the .zip folder of the ipod touch 1G firmware and a normal folder of the ipod touch 1G. what do i do next???

  • will

    Guys you have to right click on the link above for the correct iphone or ipod and click save link as and save it in a file anywhere just remember where you saved it. You do not have to rename anything it does it automatically. It doesnt matter what internet you are using it will still Works

  • kenald

    hey, your way is awesome guys but i’d like to know why i did just as you say then at the end everything is gone i mean apps.My Ipod 2g was empty.

  • radz

    try it at mac.softpedia.com/progDownload/iPhone-Firmware-Download-38026.html.i think it works.. but i didnt try yet to restore my ipod..

  • SHC

    its not working for me
    i have downloaded the file then when i ope itunes and use shift – restore it cant find the file, i have saved them with .ipsw

  • MDOE

    same problem as SHC ^
    i’ve renamed the zip file to .IPSW but it’s not showing when i shift/restore.

  • waqas

    just used firefox to download .ispw file. if u use any other browser it wont work

  • MDOE

    Figured it out. YOu have to rename the file to .ipsw in the Wizip program. You can’t just rename it in Windows Explorer.

  • Thomas

    will the iphone os 3.0 software update for 3g firmware work on iphone 2g & is there a way to differentiate iphone 2g and 3g when connected to the internet via mobile safari

  • Lisa

    getting firmware type not compatible…any ideas?

  • Peter Kazakov

    Does someone has the firmware 2.2.1 version for iPhone (first version)?

  • Math

    Actually, you can download now ultrasn0w from a repository, go to the official web site for details

  • Franklin

    hello thier guys,im having trouble.when im restoring it,its half way suddently it stops and says error.why does it do that ,can someone help please ? =]

  • suhaas Khullar

    when i download the zip file assoon as it finishes downloading it becomes a foldr with many files inside so how do i change the name and stuff.
    my redsn0w and pwnage tool all show wrong bundle to the other file
    i use a mac
    pls help

  • Oriana

    I’ve downloaded the file and it’s ipsw, and I did as your instructions say, but it still doesn’t work. After I’m done updating, my Ipod is empty, only the original stuff are there. I’ve done the same with the update button too. Shift and Update, and opened the file. But my Ipod still doesn’t have the 3.0 OS update.

  • Murielle

    Help! I downloaded the link and I restored my Ipod touch (2nd Gen). And when I press shift + click restore and select the firmware i downloaded it says “Ipod could not be updated because it’s not ccompatible”
    :( I have the latest itunes 2.2.
    What am i doing wrongg! I’m frustrateddddd! Helpp mee!

  • Yilu

    Hi! I downloaded the Download iPhone 3G Firmware 3.0, but I couldn’t find any installation file or .ipsw to proceed installation.

  • marie Barbaro

    I have a 3g 2.2 I used quickpawn to jailbreak and had no probs. I’ve been trying to upgrade to 3.0 but i keep getting an error message. (error -4) I thought it might be because of cydia so I tried a restore but this also gace error message and put my phone into recovery. I had to restore using the IPSW (5g77) firmware but this just restores my phone back to 2.2 and still has cydia installed? Any ideas how to uninstall cydia (as this may be the prob with upgrading?) or has anyone else had probs with upgrading?

    cheers Marie

  • wole

    please anyone has an idea to unlocking an itouch3G? which free software can i use

  • Ajay

    The link to ipod touch dont work.. please could you provide an alternate. Many thanks.

  • LB

    I have unlocked and jailbroke my iphone 2G. Everything works fine i have even downloaded the new software with video, but it wont let me make calls or send texts it has a little red circle beside the phone button to make a call. It reads the sim fine but with only 1 bar visable. Can anyone point me in the right direction to make a??? Thank you for your help.

  • geek_squad


  • robin

    hi i have got iphone2.2.1 and i want to jail break with new version.can some one help me how to jail break and upgarde my iphone

  • yaz

    how can i download the bluetooth on iphone 2g

  • Chris

    im trying to get the firmware for a ipod 2g but when i click the link it says 403 forbidden… what am i doing wrong?

  • paxs

    Can I upgrade my iTouch G1 to the new version 3 software?

  • Confused

    How do u guys jailbreak a itouch 2nd generation n is nonjailbreak better than jailbreak ones

  • nick

    Using Chrome the files downloaded from here are small (few kbs) and, as my itunes say, not compatible with my itouch 2G.
    However, I dl from an other site the file – like 257Mb or so –
    and following the illustrated procedure, I condfirm IT WORKS.

  • andrew

    hey guys got a 3g 8gig iphone im having trouble downloading software to upgrade this.
    any ideas please


    I am using a Windows XP and everytime I try to extract/ unzip the Iphone Restore Firmware to .ispw everything becomes a folder or file… PLEASE HELP

  • Dunno


    I downlaoded the 3.1.2 update from apple and it went into my downloaded section but when it finished I couldn’t find it. I don’t know where it’s gone please help me.

  • ‘am using 2G I phone. I want to upgrade my phone software. so my system will work properly…?

  • pat

    hey everyone,
    i updated my iphone 8Gb 3g and now is asking for its original sim card and i dont have it. Any suggestions please help!!

  • danny26beycri@gmail.com

    actualize mi iphone 2g que esta desbloqueado para cualquier compañia y no se que software tenia y creo ,creo que lo actulize ala ultima vercion todo fue sin querer que puedo hacer help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… ahora me rechaza la tarjeta sim y el iphone melo tragieron de regalo des de fuera del pais ….ayuda

  • Hfjshnf

    fucking hell. http 403 forbidden. try putting up some valid links for fuck sake.

  • Piccolo Raffaele

    io o fatto aggiornamento per 2g la versione 3.1.3 n0n mi funziona mi dice di mettere una sim supportata come devo fare

  • hi

  • Fuckmyass

    i have no clue what you where trying to say in that one are you speaking french cuz this is an american web sight kida so you might want to go and ask someone who will understand you 

  • Rubel hossain


  • Rubel hossain

    mode in Mail, SMS and Notes