10 Responses to Download iTunes 8.2 & QuickTime 7.6.2 for Windows & Mac

  • Justin says:

    I followed the directions to the letter, but when I choose the files, it just says that the firmware is not compatible and so I cannot restore using it.

  • ballwell says:

    Thank’s very much

  • Gcdg77 says:

    hello,, there 1st i like to say thank you very much,,, it’s been few months till now i miss my iphone,,, i hate the new itune its shit,,, but now i can use my iphone again,,, thank you again,,, it work to mine,,,

  • Starprincess23 says:

    Hi I have the new iTunes 10 and a 1G iPod Touch. I’m trying to get the 3.0 update but when I hit the shift key and click restore, it doesn’t give me the option of choosing a file. Can anyone help?

  • Chivonshurts says:

    Dont know how to upgrade my Freaken ipod touch so retarded!!HELP!!

  • Same. I’m stuck on 2.2.1 and didn’t update for a while. now it wont update at all. i wont to get to version 3