13 Responses to How to Install Non-Market .apk Apps on Google Android G1 Phone

  • Dean says:

    Or you could also go to the Android market place and download the app called “App Installer”. It will do the same thing and create a nice directory listing for you at the same time. Great app.

  • Stan Berka says:

    Warning! The Android USB Drivers linked to above crash the WinXP (SP2). Over and over. I had to do the system restore (fortunately, winXP did a system check point before installing an unsigned driver. thank you Bill G).

  • very helpfull says:

    I was trying and trying to find some apps for my phone and nothing supports my phone. But now I think I will be able to enjoy my new phone thanks

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  • CueBallaG says:

    Installing APK files through Desktop using Windows Vista

    After an intense search on how to install apk files through Vista, I have finally found a way to install APK files through your desktop runnning Vista. I’m not a computer guru and don’t know diddly-squat about programming so if there is a better and faster way to install apk files through your desktop, please revise:

    1) Disconnect your G1 mobile from your computer
    2) Create a folder in your Documents folder for both files you will need to download
    3) Download Google Android SDk for Windows http://code.google.com/android/intro/installing.html and save to the folder you created.
    4) Download the USB Driver http://dl.google.com/android/android_usb_windows.zip and save to the folder you created.
    5) Unzip both files into the folder and install the android program.
    6) Open the “Androids-sdk-windows” that was unpacked, open the “tools” folder, and on your windows explorer, first left click on the address then right click and copy the full address.
    7) Click on “start” menu, right click on “Computer”, click on “Properties”. Click on “Advanced system settings”
    8) On the “Advanced” tab, click on “Environmental Variables…”. Under “user variable…” click “New”.
    9) For variable name type: sdk_root
    10) For variable value: just right click and paste. click ok
    11) On your G1, go to “settings”, “applications”, and check “unknown sources”
    11) Connect your G1 mobile and update your usb driver with the file you downloaded in step 4. If your usb driver will not update, use your device manager (“start” menu, right click “computer”, click on “properties”, “device manager”) to update driver.
    12) Be sure to mount your phone.
    13) Move your .apk files to the “tools” folder you located in step 6
    14) On the tools folder, mouse over a blank spot, hit “shift+right click” and click “Open command Windows here”.
    15) On the command screen, type :adb install filename.apk

  • Karen Magno says:

    How about running an exe file? How do you install this? Thank you!


  • Tarek Samni says:


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  • Curious George says:

    use app installer or root and use CM6 and then all ur probs r solved! By the way… i had G1 -> MyTouch -> G2 and on the G2 i can open an email with an APK not on market and hit download and it will install without problems, so my suggestion to u is get the G2 as it CAN go to 2.3 and 3.0+ with a brilliant keyboard and touch screen!
    its not going to b left behind by T-Mobile like the previous Android phones. :D

  • Kyle says:

    An easy way is to use freeware Android Injector from http://www.harmonyhollow.net/android_injector.shtml

  • Kyle says:

    An easy way to do this is with freeware Android Injector. http://www.harmonyhollow.net/android_injector.shtml