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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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  • Vasim

    how to install google book downloader

  • thank you

  • miucon

    Hi! What is book code? Is it ISBN code of the book you can see on the window “About this book”?

  • KartiK

    The downloaded software is not working….
    Can u suggest any other way to do so…????

  • sivaprakasam

    how to download books

  • Chris Young

    The program needs .NET Framework 3.5 SP1; do you have that installed?
    See for details

  • thanks

  • ertug

    hello, how could i find out book code of books
    thank u

  • Voxx

    Hi, it’s a new version coming out?

  • Software not working .what to do now?

  • cigilgan

    about books code

    Find in any book you want, wich is

    CtxZTWVh-30C is the code.

    If you press “about this book” URL will be

    may be it is more simple to see it.


  • unknown

    I just tried the Google Book Downloader, halfway i got banned / kicked / blacklister by google.

    I cant access any google applications anymore XD

    Watch out !

  • afham

    thank very much

  • Doc

    This is probably a hoax as Google books that are in public domain have a link that you simply click to download. No download software is needed.

  • adrine

    well i downloaded it but i can’t seem to download the books..the pages never appear! the weblogs continue appearing like for ever and the pages are none existent!
    pleeaaaseee could you please e-mail me and tell me what the problem is???
    i’ve already got the .net framework 3.5 SP1
    i dont know what the problem is..i’m going crazy!!!
    answer me please!!

  • Mirko

    Just Change Ip by using Routercontrol.

  • Sjakie

    What do you mean, change Ip by using Routercontrol?

    I got .net framework 3.5, ran the software but the logs are never ending. It doesn’t download even one page.

    Please explain the solution.

  • sajjad

    HI, I’ve Searched for different books by using windows vista 32bits and put the code in properly and clicked Check, it went in to a loop of downloading what seems to me, from the Weblogs window, to be the front cover of the book. I waited and waited and then after 3 hours or so clicked Stop, nothing seems to have happened, nothing in the Pages window. Although i’ve installed latest Google Book Downloader 0.1.0 Alpha8 also Framework 3.5.

  • Leo

    Same here… neverending log and nothing else happens…

  • vanja

    Can you tell me how to run application? I downloaded and instaled Microsoft .net Framework 3.5 SP1, but I don’t know hot to run it.



    HMMM…i m also facing this kind of problems for google books so i found a new trick to save the book
    step.1)download the software quick screen recorder which captures the video of the screen movements
    step.2)now open the book in google load the whole book
    step.3)now start recording on software screen capture
    step.4)now open your browser in full screen mode slowly start to change the pages of the loaded book and thus save the whole book in vidoe formet (.avi)in your pc

    if you like my suggestion you can say thenx 2 id is….

  • kan

    how could i find out book code of books

  • Juan Salcedo 64

    Same problem, never ending logs..

    Kan to find the code is the id of the book e.g.

    the book you want is at:

    read the url and you ll find id=U3tMBrDoWEcC

    and thats it. the code then is : U3tMBrDoWEcC

    but, as i said, it goes for hours and doenst find a single page

  • It seems not working anymore.
    Is there any update?

  • Meli

    me too.. neverending log and didnt download a single page.. how???

  • Please, Help me… I have already download google book downloader but it is not workinng. What i have to do ???

    Are there any link for that??
    And what type of instruction required ??


  • mmb

    nothing is observed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jiya

    i downloaded it but i can’t seem to download the books..the pages never appear! the weblogs continue appearing like for ever and the pages are none existent!
    pleeaaaseee could you please e-mail me and tell me what the problem is???
    i’ve already got the .net framework 3.5 SP1

  • yoga

    i’ve downloaded GBD but i can’t installed… what’s the problem?

  • saurabh

    how to get the code of book for downloading book from GBD.or Give the clear idea how to use this software to download books.

  • My blog also points the same issue at

    See if that can help you. If you have any problem regarding content at my blog then post a comment.

  • To unblock google website, change your public IP and clear browser cookies.

  • ahmed

    thnx alot for the program

  • FindPdfnet

    It is better to use a dedicated PDF search engine able to find any PDF document like ebooks, manuals or guide. Best I found is: that is able to make also OCR and search in PDF text itself and has also own database. Hope this helps.

  • nice search engine, I found what I was looking for…

  • no need to install software or use google, just use one of many PDF search engine out there. I can add:

  • you can read all the books on line or download via that is using google api to search and find pdf books, manuals and magazines.
    it works great for us!

  • Mo7amed_metwaly

    but it not free

  • shaik

    it is a very useful and good in searching the books

  • Sounds very interesting. I’ve looked at downloading books on my Ipad but they are so expensive when bought thru Apple..

  • Highlander1526

    Hi all!

    I thought that somebody should make a kind of .bin database. After downloading, the .bin file could be uploaded and otheres can download it. In this way you don’t have to start the downloading of your book from the begining, because someone has already done it. I have already 35-40 .bin files to be shared. Of course not all of them are totally finished. Some still need 8, some 30 or more pages. It could be written out that this book has e.g. 345 pages and 300 are ready. From the other side of the world it could progress on.


  • Ebooklink Net

    I think the best way to download ebooks is go to, download with direct link.

  • meme
  • nice topic thank you mutch
    here u can get free pdf ebooks


  • Anonymous


  • Bngupta04

    hi ,

    You can giv a try of this site. and in this you can find book(s) search.
    hope you get the books of wht u r looking.
    And there is a virtual drive option in which u cn store the books of your choice.


  • Debasish

    I have tryied it at least 100 times. But nothing downloaded. What options shows in the above picture, I did not find it. Please tell exactly procedure to save the google book as pdf form.

  • Ebooksearchengine

    You can also download ebooks pdf files ms word files ms excel files by search in and its free

  • Enma Darei

    It has been in the “check” phase for 12+ hours already… it this normal? :/

  • Ann Alex30

    thank you……i used it…

  • Ravindra labana

    how can work of book downloader

  • Wow! That is a single of the top blogs I’ve ever arrive across on this subject. Basically Amazing .

  • Rpscportal

    no its not working.

  • GOOGLe
  • Dasdada

    no we dont like we need book not a video