How to Backup & Restore Windows 7 Activation Status

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Every time you reinstall windows operating system you have to activate online or activate using phone method. Worst if you have lost windows product key. We have written guide on how to recover windows 7 product key if you have lost it. Now here is simple batch script (Windows 7 activation Info Backup Tool) which can backup windows 7 activation status.

Once you have backup windows 7 activation status you can restore any time when you reinstall windows 7. The only condition is there should not be any hardware change and this tool is not for bypassing windows 7 activation. You must have genuine windows 7 product key to use this tool.

Windows 7 Activation Info Backup Tool

Windows 7 Activation Status backup Tool

It also works on Windows server 2008 R1.

Download Windows 7 Activation Info Backup Tool.

Check out :- How to Backup/Restore Windows XP Activation Status.

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7 thoughts on “How to Backup & Restore Windows 7 Activation Status”

  1. The link is no longer valid. Could u give me another one since i do really need to backup my windows 7 professional edition that I’ve just purchased a few days ago? Thanks in advance.

  2. khiang wrote:

    the link isn’t working!

    any other link to use

    Please read Windows7fsn’s comment pls.

    Please uodate the LINK.

  3. Hello this is Windows7fsn again.

    Can somebody PLEASE HELP ME. :)
    I just wanted to restore winxp.

    Thanks again.

    PLS read this Sandip Dedhia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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