Fix Sony PSP Stuck Pixel & Dead Pixel with PSP Stuck Pixel Fixer

Sony PSP
Few days back we had published an article on PSPixel, tool to detect & check for stuck or dead pixel on Sony PSP.  Unfortunately Sony doesn’t take any responsibilities or provides fix for Stuck or Dead pixel issue. If you frustrated with this issue then here is hope for you.

A guy from PSP-vault has developed PSP Stuck Pixel Fixer (video) which continuously flashes Green, Blue & Red colors on screen to fix stuck pixel on Sony PSP. This solution has worked for more than 60% users. You only need to run below video on Sony PSP in Full Screen mode with repeat option and leave it. Thought Dead pixel issue cannot be fixed with this PSP Stuck Pixel fixer.

Sony PSP Stuck Pixel Fixer

Download Sony PSP Stuck Pixel Fixer

P.S. Similar Mechanism is used to Un-stuck pixels on LCD Monitor or TV

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