How to Recover Stored Google Chrome Passwords

Ability to store passwords in browser for frequently visited sites can save your headache from memorizing username and password details. Every browser of nowadays has this feature including Firefox, Google Chrome & Internet Explorer. However by any chance your browser installation gets corrupted then you may lose all stored passwords and if you can’t recall back login details then you are in big trouble.

If Google Chrome is your primary browser and you are in some situation then here is one very useful utility, Google Chrome Password Decrypter. As the name suggest this utility lets you to recover stored passwords from Google Chrome browser.

Google Chrome Password Decrypter is designed using Qt cross platform utility hence it can work on any OS including Mac OS X, Linux & Windows. It also provides an option to export all  recovered passwords into a file.

Google Chrome Password Decrypter

Google Chrome Password Decrypter

Download Google Chrome Password Decrypter.

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  1. Last time I forgot my password and tried everything i could do but failed, until I found this great tool Password Genius. It works great, and you can google it.

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