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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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17 Responses to Fix Vista & Windows 7 Black Screen of Death Error (BSOD) with Black Screen Fix

  • milerx says:

    Thanks a lot! I have the Black Screen of Death after every reboot on my Win7, i hope this works!

  • Bianca says:

    How am I gonna run this if I only have a black desktop with courser? I can’t start task manager and CAD doesn’t work.

  • John R says:

    Any answer for Bianca? I am in the same boat. Can’t get past Black Screen either to install anyting.

  • Loay Emad says:

    You can press CTRL+Shift+ESC buttons at the same time to start the task manager (or CRTL+ALT+DELETE) then New Task from application tab … then type “explorer” and press Enter. the windows will start ……. run the Fix.

  • khalid says:

    it’s not working for me :(((

  • Silent_screams_18 says:

    it really does not work just a wastage of time

  • Essgee says:

    doesnt work, i have reformatted and installed the windows form begining

  • Shajaz Jazz says:

    no one ever fixed this problem!!only till ur repair or reformat ur os!!..
    but i got my own style to fix this..!
    but this not fix permanently …
    try this when black screen appear.. ctrl+alt+del
    2.Start task maneger
    3.Click File Tab
    4.New Task(run..) browse u can see any random folder..right click on them and click “search”

    ur desktop will appear magically.!!

    hit “like” if works!

    please dont copy my step to other blog..xD

  • Scorpion says:

    It does not work for Us. Our computer is still Black in Boot Screen. :(((
    Any alternatives?

  • heartko says:

    same as Bianca any one can help me? asap