8 Responses to Fix Windows 7 Hibernation Error (STOP 0x000000A0 INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR)

  • Chandika Prasad says:

    Itz Superb….. Thanks you all………….

  • Birgir Steinarsson says:

    I’m not sure my problem is the same, I get no crash error, it just freezes after a little while coming back from hibernation. I thought I’d try your solution anyway but it seems no matter what size I put in, the hiberfile won’t be set to more than 1877065728 bytes. I’m wondering if my problem is of a different nature or if this maximum size is preventing me from fixing the problem. Any comment on this would be appreciated.
    Best regards, Birgir S.

  • César Brandão says:

    I am giving it a try and I think my problem is fixed. Thanks a lot :D

  • Anton Sankov says:

    Thank you. That fixed my problem. But it wasn’t crashing, it just wasn’t doing anything when i press hibernate button.

  • Tavo says:

    Thanks men. This solved my problem but still another. After restart from hibernate i can’t connect to my wifi again. I must restart notebook to fix. Anyone know why?. Thanks for all.

  • Bsvsf says:

    Thanks a lot! It helped much!