21 Responses to Download QuickPWN 2.2.1 for Windows & Jailbreak iPhone & iPod Touch Firmware 2.2.1 (Unofficial)

  • ipod kid says:

    this really works too

  • ipodnerd says:

    the firmware 2.2.1 damaged my ipod and now what am i supposed to do?????????????

  • ds says:

    wtf shold i do ?!

    will it damege my pod ?!?!?1

  • danny says:

    i download the quickpwn and its not working

  • harry says:


  • Radouan says:

    Hi All,

    First my config:
    -1- iTouch 1G version 2.2.1 5H11
    -2- Quickpwn 2.2.5
    -3- iTunes 8.2

    I followed the instructions posted in several forums:
    -1- Restore with iTunes
    -2- Quickpwn
    -3- selected the 2.2.1 5H11 ipws
    but quickpwn hangs on Waiting for ipod to get in recovery mode.

    Need Help !!!!

    Thanks !

  • hc says:

    i have the sam problem.. But My ipod touch 1G has 3.0 final release installed i wanna go back to 2.2.1! and the Quickpwn 2.2.5 hangs as you mentioned.. then after i got back to itunes 8.1 and still the same problem.. trying all the possible ways to go back.. hope devteam relases their awesome crack..

  • kevin says:

    i dont have any firmware when i loook into folders

  • Solvaman says:

    That same problem happened to me so many time i thought i broke the phone then i thought let me see what happened while it’s waiting for the iphone to get to recovery mode. if i manually do it and set to recovery mode. to my surprise,it worked.
    So this is what i did.
    while quickpwn is waiting for the phone to get to recovery mode
    after 20 minutes
    i held down both the home and power buttons none stop the iphone turned off, then turned on, then it gets to recovery mode
    right after it get to recovery mode, quickwn starts to work telling you me to hold down home then power and the rest.
    Now it’s the only way it works for me.
    I thought i’d share this with ya’ll having problems. Good Luck!!

  • Arsalan says:

    thanx dude! it worked for me da same way!

  • Arsalan says:

    well almost da same way..i mean u dun have 2 wait for 20mins..lol

  • Kelly franco says:

    How can I do that wis my iPod touch 2.2.1 wis out using the computer

  • murray says:

    for the people that have the problem with quickpwn hanging on the recovery mode part do what kevin did. thanks a lot kevin, saved me a lot of trouble.

  • Joel says:

    Download was a success…question is now. what? WHat is the positive out of unlocking my ipod touch 2.2.1

  • brittany banks says:

    i need help my i phn wrks reg with n0 sim card but tells me 2 c0nnect t0 i tunes with 1 help help help p0st this t0 all dev team websites

  • Dylan says:

    My computer says that the usb device has malfunctioned and it cannot be recognized… now my Ipod wont even turn on….

  • Shaun says:

    Same thing happened to me, what Dylan wrote anyways.

  • gjxfjdtyj says:

    ew! Indian!

  • denroy says:

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