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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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  • Thanks Sandip. I hope this works well. Many freeware found elswhere have been hopeless !

  • Jacob

    Dude your program doesn’t work. It totally flips my resolution, and it inserts the first frame in between every other frame, resulting in a hypnotising animation. Most probably the comment above is a fake.

  • anon

    Your program does not convert anything

  • As due to some error my all video files has been converted to jpg image, so i need to convert this jpg images to back to vedio, please give me some suggestion, so that this will be converted and please provide me the software link also.

  • snjflame

    it’s cool if we can add a mp3.

  • HYH

    This program works great for me! Make sure you have the proper codecs! :)

  • Asd


  • Bbasavaraj

    how to make jpg to vedio file

  • Christian L

    Works excellently, but it failes to render at any sort of high quality (mximum bitrate 4096Kbit). For this reason, I can’t use it for any serious sort of purpose..