Google Chrome Ported to Nokia N900 Maemo Phone

Nokia N900

After Mozilla Firefox for Nokia N900 here comes Google Chrome browser unofficially ported to Nokia N900 Maemo phone. This version is based on Debian 32 bit release with flash support. Jacekowski is the guy behind this porting. Thought current build is sort of buggy but in future we may get stable release.

If you want to install Google Chrome on N900 then below are the complete instructions  taken from meegoportal,

1. Go to this site and download libxss-1.1.3.deb and chromium-5.0.369.2.deb

2. You must have root access

Then launch a terminal and do

sudo gainroot

cd “wherever you downloaded the packages into”

dpkg -i libxss-1.1.3.deb

dpkg -i chromium-5.0.369.2.deb

Then just start the application and you are running Chromium the open source version of Google Chrome

Google Chrome on Nokia N900 Screenshots

Via Maemoarena

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5 thoughts on “Google Chrome Ported to Nokia N900 Maemo Phone”

  1. The default Google Chrome blue don’t looks good in N900’s black. And I don’t think it’s practical at all to have all the tiny navigation buttons, address bar and tabs showing at all times on the tiny screen.

    But I believe these will be addressed in the next updates, provided there’s demand from the N900 community.

  2. i downloaded this software boot screen manager form mobile9 as it is no longer available in the repository.so i downloaded the file using my PC.and then i transfered it to my n900 using the usb in order to install it.so i used the file manager to browse the device and i click on the file then it shows……..

    select application
    App manager
    then i clicked app manager then the app manager opens
    it says
    n900bootsc.sisx 0kb
    i wonder y it is 0kb cos its 2.5mb file
    then i click i understand and continue
    but then it says
    unable to install n900bootsc.sisx
    installation file corrupt.

    someone please help me how can i install this app if i download from the pc…


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