How To Activate “Infinite Scroll” on every website

Often when we execute a search on an online engine, our results are spread page-wise. We can only view a portion of the entire search results on our currently opened page; to access the results placed on subsequent pages we need to keep on clicking the “Next” button. Similarly the web has great articles which are often distributed over a various pages and have a “Next” button that needs to be clicked to read the remaining part of the article.

Bing was one of the first places where we saw a solution to this “Next” button problem. When we scrolled down our search results in Bing, the next page was automatically loaded up at the bottom of the current page. This scrolling cycle carried on until our search results ended. The feature is now known as “infinite scroll” and various applications have tried to incorporate it into web browsers.

One of these applications is AutoPagerize. This is a free tool that comes as a browser add-on for Firefox and Chrome. The Firefox add-on can be downloaded here and the Chrome extension can be downloaded here.

After installing this extension within Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, you will be able to successfully use the “infinite scroll” feature on many websites. Scrolling down the first page and having the second page automatically loading up at the bottom means that the second page will be ready by the time we finish reading the first page; this can save us considerable time.

AutoPagerize is still in its experimental stage but is an idea that provides great convenience; all Firefox and Chrome users should give AutoPagerize a try.

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2 thoughts on “How To Activate “Infinite Scroll” on every website”

  1. it would have been better if the addon was available in firefox addon site. normally it is unsafe to install addons from other 3rd party sources. is it still experimental??

  2. Instead i tried Autopager that is available on firefox addon site and it works fine.. thanks to Umar for posting info on such a tool that activates “infinite scroll”

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