Give Your Windows Laptop Mac-Like Trackpad Gestures

If there is one Mac feature that every Windows laptop user wishes they had it’s definitely the innovative trackpad gestures that truly add something unique and special to the MacBook experience.  However, with multiple utilities, apps, and preferences you can try to at the very least imitate some of that experience on your Windows based laptop. Putting this theory into practice, Lifehacker attempts to put together a guide you can use to get the job done (Link Below).

There are actually two hacks included in the guide on Lifehacker. The first is quite easy giving you the ability to pretty easily get Mac-like two finger scrolling. However, the other steps that will give you close to full Mac trackpad functionality will take a little bit more time and effort including having to uninstall Synaptics drivers from your laptop and more.

If you decide to try out some of the hacks for yourself, let us know how it goes and what you think of these hacks.


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