How to Listen to BBC Radio networks using iphone and iPod touch

BBC Radio is a radio service of the British Broadcasting Corporation which operates from United Kingdom.Their network consists of many radio stations  covering  World news, sports , music etc.Though their stations  broadcast on FM and AM frequencies, the live internet radio availability in Real Media and WMA streams accounted for its world wide acceptance and popularity.

Even with all these advancements they have not yet  released an iPhone version of their player till date for their international audience ( UK only version exists) .So, what if you want to listen to BBC radio from your iphone or ipod touch while on the move? Yes, you can do that easily.

You can either buy an app called ooTunes which can feed you with many of the BBC stations.The app is a paid one and also includes other famous radio streams from around the world.Still, you want to listen for FREE? Download and install an app called Fstream from app store.It allows you to add stream URLs so that you can listen to your favorite radio station .Also allows recording of stations on your iphone.

After downloading and installing Fstream, add the following BBC stream URLs to the app.

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Enjoy BBC radio stations on the move now.



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