How to Pronounce Words on Websites In Firefox

Have you ever come across words on a webpage you were not sure how to pronounce? Phonetic guides can be helpful but they are not better than an actual voice saying the word out loud. For this purpose Text to Voice was created.

Text to Voice is a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox and helps us out in many cases when we are not sure of a word’s correct pronunciation. After installing the add-on you will find a new icon (in the shape of a speaker) in the bottom right of your browser.

To check how a word on a webpage is pronounced, we simply highlight it and then click on this speaker icon.

Once we click on the icon, a new browser tab opens. We are redirected to the vozMe page for that particular word.

vozMe is a text-to-speech website that pronounces whatever we type. The page we are redirected to via the extension’s icon is vozMe’s pronunciation for our selected word.
An mp3 file is generated of our words and played to us.

We can choose to play, pause, stop, or download this audio file.

The audio voice is a typical computer’s voice with a distinct robotic sound to it. Moreover this extension will only work for English words. For words of other languages, Text to Voice cannot play for us the exact pronunciation.

Text to Voice can be particularly helpful to people learning English online and finding out the right way to pronounce new English words.

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