5 Great Online Web Services For URL Shortening

At times URL shortening is the only way to help us out of our predicament. For example URL shortening can help us out if we are trying to share a URL on a social media networking site and our URL length exceeds the maximum character length allowed. We can also fool our friends into clicking on a link which otherwise they will not be willing to open.

For whatever reason, as a modern internet user you will feel the need to shorten the web address of a webpage. Instead of looking for a suitable URL shortening tool then, read each entry in today’s list which I have gathered. Below you will find 5 great URL shortening services which serve a variety of needs.

doiop is a helpful straightforward link shortening website. We can enter our long URL in the top text field and click on the blue “Make It” button to obtain the shortened link. If we want to, we can specify a keyword (they can be more than one as well) which will be included in the shortened URL. Having a keyword in our new URL will make it easier to remember. The links created by doiop will never break or expire.


Although TinyURL is one of the most used URL shortening websites, users mostly overlook two of the site’s best features: we can add the TinyURL bookmarklet to our internet browser for quick link shortening and we can enable link previewing so visitors can preview the content of a shortened link and be safe from any unwanted surprises. Head on over to TinyURL and explore these two features.

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If you are looking for a simple and straightforward link shortening site, then you will not be disappointed be bit.ly. The site’s interface is as simple as it can get: you enter the long URL, click on the SHORTEN button, and obtain the shortened URL. Moreover you can create a free account on the site and pull out a history of all the URLs you have shortened so far. bit.ly also lets users share their shortened URLs directly on Twitter.


memURL has all the features of a great link shortening site. It has a simple interface and the bookmarklet feature. What is unique about this site is that it creates mnemonic shortened links; this means that the site generates links with keywords which are not proper words but are easier to pronounce than a random collection of alphabets. This site gives us easy-to-remember shortened URLs without the need for us to enter any keywords.

dwarfURL lets us create shortened URLs and then lets us secure them with a password. There is also a Firefox extension the site has which users can take advantage of. Apart from that, the site allows users to track statistics and traffic of their shortened URLs. This can help us know how many users actually clicked and visited our shortened URL.



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