Air Video Free Lets You Stream Your Computer’s Media with Your iPhone

I have recently noticed an increasing number of applications which let us use another computer to stream media from our home computer via the internet. Rather than wait for our file to completely download, these applications let us view/hear our media while it is being downloaded. Having used a couple of such applications, I realize how helpful this can be because if the connection is good and fast, we can save a considerable amount of time this way.

A great advantage of these applications is that one does not need to store the media on the computer being used. When I realized this, I knew that very soon portable devices will take advantage of such applications; I thought this because due to the low storage capacity of such devices users cannot store all their media on them.

It is great to finally see my prediction materialize with Air Video Free.

Air Video Free is an iPhone application which lets iPhone users use their phone to view the media stored on their home computer. If you are thinking about the cost of this application, then no need – Air Video Free, as the name makes obvious, is completely free.

My favorite feature of this application that it supports a wide variety of video formats and converts them into iPhone-compatible formats while streaming is underway.

Conversion Settings let us specify our various preferences such video quality and resolution.

In conclusion, this great application is a must-have for iPhone users who want constant access to their home computer media. If you are an iPhone user, try Air Video Free out and see how you can view unlimited videos on your phone with its limited storage capacity.

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