How to Focus on Your Gmail Tasks with Gmail Browser (Mac only)

I always find online ads to be quite disturbing. I open my internet browser to do one task, but end up browsing YouTube or some other entertaining website by clicking on an advertisement. These distractions are not limited to ads; if I log on to my Gmail account to check my email, I usually check other websites in my bookmarks as well (such as CollegeHumor, XKCD, Oatmeal) and consequently spend more time browsing than I would like to.

So for me the problem is not just the online ads but my internet browser because enables me to deviate from the task at hand. One solution for this would be to have task-specific applications; for example there can be an application which simply checks our email, lets us reply to our messages, and does not let us waste our time on browsing.

For Gmail users running Mac computers, such an application exists and is called Gmail Browser.

Essentially this application is a web browser but only to access our Gmail account. We can access other Gmail services as well (such as Calendar, Docs, etc.).

The setup file for Gmail Browser is just a tiny 300KB DMG file. We install the application by mounting the disk image (the DMG file) and dragging Gmail Browser to the Applications folder. To get started we double-click the application’s entry in the Applications folder and log in.

If you would like to set Gmail Browser as the default Mail application, you will need to first run Apple’s In’s preferences, the ‘General’ preference pane allows you to select a new default email program. Here you can browse and select Gmail Browser from the Applications folder.

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Separating Gmail from the rest of the internet will surely help users in concentrating on the task at hand. This is one application which Mac Gmail users will definitely benefit from.



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