Top 5 Online .htaccess Mod Rewrite Rules Generator

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You might be aware of mod_rewrite rule and .htaccess file if you are using wordpress as your Blogging platform, .htaccess is the apache’s default directory level configuration files which can be used to password protect and redirect requests. Webmasters need to give special attentions to .htaccess on apache webserver as its very difficult to enforce all policies using just httpd.conf file.

mod_rewrite rules are the power of apache which lets you to do magic with redirection. Using mod_rewrite rule you can create SEO friendly URL’s, forward specific request to any other domain, restrict access to webpages or website based on user agent and much more.

However creating proper mod rewrite rules could be hassle and its not that much easy and requires the knowledge of regular expression.

Here is list of,

Top 5 Online .htaccess Mod Rewrite Rules Generator

htaccess rewrite rule generator


This website lets to generate detailed .htaccess mod rewrite rules as well as htaccess files, custom error pages, MIME types, Cache Control, Password Protect Directory for your blog or websites

htaccess rewrite rule generator


This website lets you to generate htaccess file, password protect directory, rewrite rules, custom error pages.

htaccess rewrite rule generator


This website lets you to generate Search Engine Friendly URL’s.

htaccess rewrite rule generator


This website lets you to generate .htaccess file, hotlink protection, custom error pages, mod rewrite rules, password protect directories.

htaccess rewrite rules generator


This is simple mod rewrite rule generator which lets you to generate SEO friendly URLs for dynamic URLs.

I Hope above online .htaccess mod rewrite rule generators will be helpful to Bloggers and Webmasters.

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