How to Replace Windows 7 Sound Scheme with Ubuntu Sound Scheme

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In past we have covered several Windows 7 customization tools like Logon editor, Drive Icon Changer, Task Manager Replacer, Windows 7 GodMode Creator, Start menu animator etc. If you are bored with Windows 7 default sound scheme then here is Ubuntu sound scheme for Windows 7, Vista & Xp.

Linux Ubuntu Sound Scheme is small installer which will add sound files of Ubuntu on your Windows. After you have installed Ubuntu Sound Scheme you can also revert back to original Windows sound scheme from customization and personalize sound property window.

Linux Ubuntu Sound Scheme

Change Windows 7 Sound Scheme

Download Linux Ubuntu Scheme.

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    wouls also like to inform u guys about the Computer Society of India CSI……they are coming up with a Knowledge Management portal…..its a great IT Forum guys… check it out…..

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