Google Analytics New Favicon and Home Page Design

Google Analytics Logo

Google Analytics is best web service for analyzing your website statistics and traffic. Not just website statistics but lot more features like benchmarking, internal site search, trend analysis, advance adword campaign watch, Geo targeting etc, we get with google analytics.

I do use Google Analytics along with Sitemeter to keep track on blog traffic.

Today when I tried to login in my Google Analytics Account I saw some thing unusual,

First thing which I noticed was changed Google Analytics Home page and another one was Google Analytics favicon.

Google Analytics Changed Home Page

Previously Google Analytics login screen was on Home page but now they have moved to sub page. single button on home page to access Google Analytics login page.

Google Analytics New Home Page

Google Analytics Favicon Icon

I haven’t seen any favicon icon (Website Shortcut) of Google Analytics but today I saw Google Analytics favicon which represents web statistics graph.

Google Analytics Favicon Icon

I don’t know whether this is new design of google analytics or just minor changes.Even their is no updated on google analytics official blog.

So did you noticed this ??

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3 thoughts on “Google Analytics New Favicon and Home Page Design”

  1. I noticed the new favicon only today. I have also noticed that it takes control of the favicon on one of the websites i manage.

    Has this happen to anyone elses website?

    I use the standard type=”image/x-icon” meta tags.

  2. I’ve added the full URL into the shortcut meta tags which seems to have resolved the problem; I have never had to do that in any of my past projects but this is the first website i have added google analytics to.

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