Download First Android Boot ROM for Windows Mobile

GenY Dual Boot Android Windows Mobile
We have already published how to guide to boot Windows Mobile with Android OS using Gen Y DualBOOT app for Windows Mobile. This app has created new hopes and opened whole new world for Windows Mobile Phone. However the producer to get dual boot using DualBoot is quite complicated and not suited for non-geek users.

For those users here is first android based Windows Mobile ROM “Energy Android Super Lite ROM” developed by NGR of XDA Developers forum. Energy Android Super Lite ROM very light ROM that can be used to boot the various Android releases.

This ROM also contains GenY’s DualBoot application for easy launching of Haret.exe. Please keep in mind that this ROM should not be used on regular Windows Phone and it has nothing more than necessary drivers for booting Android

You could use this ROM to try out apps, maybe even run SPB Mobile Shell.

Download Energy Android Super Lite ROM.

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