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Often it happens that the device or hardware you have recently bought doesn’t have driver CD and when you connect that device to computer your Windows fails to recognize the hardware. Unless you install right drivers for the device it cannot be used or communicate with PC.

In past we have covered Device Doctor which automatically installs and updates drivers for connected devices. Now here is yet another similar tool Deriver Easy which auto detects and downloads missing or outdated derives for your connected pc hardware and devices.


DriverEasy MainScreen

DriverEasy Scanning

(Scanning hardware)

DriverEasy Result

DriverEasy DownloadDriver

(Downloading Drivers)

Download DriverEasy.

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1 thought on “Auto Detect & Download Drivers with DriverEasy”

  1. Probably another junkware that will screw your system. Windows 7 auto update works just fine finding all the necessary drivers and I just that absolutely.

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