Enable Aero on Windows 7 & Vista Home Basic with Aero Enabler

Windows 7 Aero Glass
In past we have posted guide on how to enable Aero on Windows 7 as well as registry hack to enable Aero on Windows 7. Aero Glass interface on Windows 7 & Vista can only be activated if your system meets the minimum hardware requirements. Those computers with no graphics card or low end graphics card can’t enjoy Aero.

Aero is not available Windows 7 Home Basic & Windows Vista Home Basic edition. Well dont worry you can now enjoy Aero interface irrespective of hardware requirements or Windows edition. Aero Enabler is small utility which will disable the hardware check & enables Aero for you.

Aero Enabler

Aero Enabler

Download Aero Enabler for Windows 7 & Vista.

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13 thoughts on “Enable Aero on Windows 7 & Vista Home Basic with Aero Enabler”

  1. How do we find out if our computer supports Pixel shading 2 or something?

    (My computer is an HP Mini 210-1000 series…non hd and 1 gig of ram. Can it run it? WIndows 7 starter)


  2. thankz for thiz tool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i was searching the whole nook and corner of web for it
    thankz dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I tried this program & make it run successfully but after enabling the aero nothing happened. It was same as earlier…….
    please reply asap….

  4. using windows 7 starter on my netbook not work usingg this software…please help :( (when i format to windows 7 home premium it works with aero glass but i dont have product key for activation)

  5. if it dose not work try using ViGlance and True Transparency and ViStart. ViGlance can enable Aero for your taskbar. ViStart can enable Aero for your start menu. True Transparency can enable Aero for your windows

    Note ViGlance only works for windows 7 and windows XP and older

  6. lame ass program, you can to what this crappy program does with a few commands without using this crap with spyware

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