One Click Change DNS Settings with Portable DNS Jumper Utility



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1 thought on “One Click Change DNS Settings with Portable DNS Jumper Utility”

  1. new version of DNS jumper (v1.0.3) is released

    DNS Jumper v1.0.3
    Author: Velociraptor , BlueLife
    Coder: BlueLife

    CRC32: 58BA8681
    MD5: 177CE030D3520056E92A7B6555070347
    SHA-1: E787CD1E003C745B1DB1A868768A22AFE54B34DB

    1. You can choose your network card
    2. Very customizable : such as ,you can add or delete a dns
    3. You can change the language (edit DnsJumper.ini)
    4. You can customize dns manually
    5. Program tests Dns ip`s and measure its reaction time
    6. Flush Dns button added (/flushdns )
    7. fastes Dns test added (tests dns reaction times and write best one)



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