One Click Change DNS Settings with Portable DNS Jumper Utility

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Few days back we had covered Google DNS Helper a tool to instantly switch from your ISP’s DNS to Google’s DNS address. Now here is yet another very useful portable tool DNS Jumper for those who use different DNS settings for different purposes.

Manually changing DNS settings is cumbersome task but with DNS Jumper changing DNS could become one click work. DNS jumper also comes with option to switch to GoogleDNS, OpenDNS, ComodoDNS etc.

DNS Jumper also has option to switch back to default DNS settings.

DNS Jumper

DNS Jumper

Download DNS Jumper.


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1 thought on “One Click Change DNS Settings with Portable DNS Jumper Utility”

  1. new version of DNS jumper (v1.0.3) is released

    DNS Jumper v1.0.3
    Author: Velociraptor , BlueLife
    Coder: BlueLife

    CRC32: 58BA8681
    MD5: 177CE030D3520056E92A7B6555070347
    SHA-1: E787CD1E003C745B1DB1A868768A22AFE54B34DB

    1. You can choose your network card
    2. Very customizable : such as ,you can add or delete a dns
    3. You can change the language (edit DnsJumper.ini)
    4. You can customize dns manually
    5. Program tests Dns ip`s and measure its reaction time
    6. Flush Dns button added (/flushdns )
    7. fastes Dns test added (tests dns reaction times and write best one)



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