Recover Stored Gtalk, Google Picasa Passwords with GooglePasswordDecryptor

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In past we have covered several tools to recover stored passwords for e.g FirePasswordViewer, Chrompass, Messenger Key, WirelessKeyView. Now here is yet another excellent free password recovery tool GooglePasswordDecryptor.

GooglePasswordDecryptor is the free tool to recover stored Google account passwords by various applications such as Gtalk, Google Picasa, Google Chrome, Google Desktop Search etc.

Features of GooglePasswordDecryptor

1. Recover password for Google Talk, Google Picassa, Google Desktop Seach, Gmail Notifier

2. Internet Explorer (all versions from 4 to 8) Google Chrome

3. Provides ‘Export Feature’ to save the recovered passwords to HTML or TEXT format for future use.



Download GooglePasswordDecryptor.

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4 thoughts on “Recover Stored Gtalk, Google Picasa Passwords with GooglePasswordDecryptor”

  1. Well its good to hear that another free tool for password recovery has been launched that too from Google … and get to know few more form your post ..


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