Recover Lost Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key with ProduKey

Microsoft Office 2010 Beta 1
Microsoft Office 2010 is entered into beta and expected to release in first half of next year. Like Windows 7 public preview Microsoft has also allowed to have Office 2010 Professional Beta for public preview.

Microsoft Office 2010 will also come out as different editions like Business, Professional, Home & Starter edition. We are sure many users would have already downloaded & installed Office 2010 professional Plus Beta and grabbed your free Product key to activate & use it till October 2010.

If you have lost product key of Microsoft Office 2010 and looking for the way to recover it from your installed Office 2010 then here freeware tool ProduKey for you.

ProduKey Recover Office 2010 Product Key

Recover Office 2010 Product Key

Download ProduKey.

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301 thoughts on “Recover Lost Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key with ProduKey”

  1. i installed windows 7 ultimate build 7100. and atfer time i have message say”this pr-release version of window 7 ultimate will expire in 0 hour. and my laptop restart from time to time. and can not find any solution for this problem. can someone help me please. if someone know can send thrugh my E_mail [email protected]

  2. hi….

    plz sent the link to dowlord ms office 2010.and
    can u give me the link wer to download ms office 2010 for not using a license ms windows.


  3. Hi guys, does anyone have a valid ms office 2010 pro plus product key? I need it asap.
    Thanks in advance

  4. does anyone have any idea how to get a product key for ms office 2010? im pretty sure its the basic version… thanks!

  5. Hi. My computer says the Beta has expired does this mean I need a product Key. If so is there any chance you could e-mail this to me. I have office pro. If you could it would be fantastic. [email protected] Thanks

  6. if anyone wants to get the office 2010 plus keys ..
    or windows 7 activation keys for 32/64 bit.. please contact me at

    [email protected]..
    i sell the office for a low price of $20 genuine from the factory guarantee
    and windows 7 for a low price $ 20 for a limited time..
    please email me and let me know.


  7. Can someone please email me a key for MS office professional 2010. I’m desperate!!! I’m a student 7 months pregnant and can really not afford to purchase it. Please I really appreciate any help!!!! Thank u!!!
    [email protected]

  8. I’m not sure what I’m going to do at this point; having the Microsoft Office product key will definitely save my grade right now. Anyone have any clues on how to get one?

  9. Thank you vr vr vr vr much!!!!!!!!! It worked! I dont know how to thank u!…
    It would had expired in 4 days.

  10. OMG…..can someone plz help me…….i have microsoft office 2010 and all off i sudden it wont let me use it, i must have had a free trail or something but i need the product key….can someone plz help me….please email it to my email address
    [email protected]……
    please someone help me, i am a student and need to get this done

  11. it work………….. thanks alot

    Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 VYBBJ-TRJPB-QFQRF-QFT4D-H3GVB

  12. 22HGX-728MX-BBWX9-7BB8X-J96B4

  13. 22HGX-728MX-BBWX9-7BB8X-J96B4

  14. Hi ! I have tried all the keys which u guys have showed ! nothing worked,, Plss Someone help me to get me the MS Office 2010 Product key immediately coz i need 2 do my assignment work immediately ! Pls !! i will be grateful if someone helps me ! PLZZ :(

  15. I have Microsoft Office 2010 and it keeps asking me for the product key. I have tried the numbers I have but those didn’t work. What do I do is there another number I should try?

  16. Please can you help me, I need to do my school project but the program needs the activation key and I really need it cuz i don’t have anything to do my work on. Theres my e-mail. [email protected] :) Thankss

  17. thank you….i’ve tried a dozen bullcrap keygens and yours is the only one that worked….Oh god..thank you!!

  18. This program works FANtabuluosly!! I have office on my desktop and the trial version on my laptop had expired. I had been wanting to do this very thing and am SOOOO glad this program worked to pull the activation product key from my desktop so I could plug it into my laptop – FULL VERSION NOW!!!! LOVE IT and thanks SO very much!!

  19. That’s weird, it just now worked for me. Thanks, dude.
    I think it was the bottom one that worked or this one. YCDJ6-QCY43-CP4JF-7V3GJ-67PRR. One of them worked.


  20. Hi guys, the reason that it may not be working for you is probably that you need to uninstall your trial version or it interferes with installation and gives an error message.
    It happened to me too but as soon as I uninstalled the trial version, it accepted my product key and installation stopped failing. You’ll just have to redownload the office pro program, that’s all.

  21. if you need microsoft office professional plus 2010 key just pay £10.00 to paypal email [email protected] then message me on [email protected] and let me know you have paid and specify your paypal email and i will send you a webpage where you can buy the key for £3.00 from a product key reseller 100% garented he also provides round the clock support and your payment to him is secured by escrow payments and will not be released until you say your happy with the key he has gave you, any problems you will be refunded by escrow thanks for reading.

  22. Can you send me a microsoft word 2010 product key please? I have a report due and i just lost my word for some reason, I don’t have the money to purchase to full version and I cannot find any product keys online that work. Please. Please. I need this so badly, I can’t fail this report.

    My e-mail>>> [email protected]

  23. Thank you so much that worked for me… I have tried several and none of them work like they say it would. Thank you!!!!

  24. Officekey2010/2011

    Microsoft Office 2010 Professional KEYS WORK

  25. Prezado, este key foi o que funcionou em meu offce após muita busca. Obrigado. I’m fron Brazil!

  26. Hi all i need a free 32bit product key for microsoft office professional plus.
    i tried this one VYBBJ-TRJPB-QFQRF-QFT4D-H3GVB and it worked and installed but then when i close it and go back in it is not activated any other serials or what can i do please email me i need this for college and its up in a few days thanks

    email: [email protected]

  27. Can you tell me how to redownload the office pro product? Everytime I search it just keeps giving me the option to download the trial version. And then I try and activate it and the code goes through but it does not actuallly install the full version, just the trial still.

  28. can someone pls email me the activation for the full version of ms office 2010, pls! Im tryna help my dau out so she can get her school reports done and the trials keep ending. PLS n thank you! [email protected]

  29. pls help the keys did not work in my office professional plus 2010
    pls give me other key i urgently need it ,.,tnx a lot hope u can help me


  31. hello…
    Can u give me please the MO 2011 student/home version product key for Mac?
    Mine is not working…

  32. Buragaddasowndharya

    can u plzz gt me micro soft office 2010 product key for activating my ms offic

  33. Elizabethsuffolk


  34. Hello guys…can u give me please a product key for microsoft 2011 home/student version…Please…Thanks…
    my product key is really not working…
    Hope u can give me..Thanks

  35. Mac Office here:
    Hello guys…can u give me please a product key for microsoft 2011 home/student version for Mac…Please…Thanks…
    my product key is really not working…
    Hope u can give me..Thanks

  36. Hi anyone have Microsoft office professional 2010 product key?? Not the Trial as I have that. Thanks


  38. 22HGX-728MX-BBWX9-7BB8X-J96B4


    try this keys its work

  39. I am using the Microsoft office pro plus 2010, it asked me product key so I tried this VYBBJ-TRJPB-QFQRF-QFT4D-H3GVB but it says Product activation failed how can I successfully make it work?

  40. Please give me the product key of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010! Not the trial one.. But the full version!
    inbox me [email protected]
    badly need it for assignments ! please help me!
    thanks! xx

  41. I purchaced office home and student 2010 and had to reload my computer. I cant get the product key Best buy wrote down to work when i try to re-load the program. HELP!!!

  42. Hi, I’m looking for the product key for MS office home and business 2010. None of the product keys worked for me..

    If you could email me at [email protected]…it would be much appreciated!

  43. Yep, me too. Please help.

    I did something wrong and it’s asking for activation code.

    Thank you for sharing with us all! :)

  44. videosongs frontla film name, song name, artist name antha slide or page how to create ? plz tell

  45. hi all im in the same boat,i need a product key for microsoft office full version if any one can help

  46. Tankx a lot man.I have searched it for 1mounth but non of them worked.It worked for me.Again tankx alot

  47. Hi can someone please give me the product key for the full version of Office 2010 as my trial is due to run out. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tried a few but nothing works!!!!
    emai:- [email protected]

  48. could anyone give me a microsoft office 2010 product key that works please.. i am a college student and it expires in a few days and i need it urgently

  49. hey there… if you get the solution, can you please pass it on to me as well. i tried the same product key and same thing happened with me. if i get the working product key, i will send it to you! but if you find it first, e-mail it to me. my ID is [email protected]. see you..

  50. Please can you send me a office 2010 professional product key. Please please please.

  51. THX man this worked here too

    I from Brazil too

    muito obrigado Kedesch
    thx very much Kedesch

  52. thinkz! bro,, i activited my office 2010 your product key is effected,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thnkz soooooooo much….

  53. Could anyone give me a microsoft office 2010 product key that works please.. it expires in a two days and i need it urgently…..please

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