Microsoft Office Starter 2010 Beta Screenshots & Review (Exclusive)

Microsoft Office Starter 2010 Logo

Few days back ithinkdiff had reported about Office 2010 Starter invitation sent out by Microsoft. Though we were late in the league of receiving invitation & finally today we got our hands on invitation to join Office 2010 Starter Program.

As of now Office 2010 Professional Plus is available for public download which includes complete office suite whereas Office 2010 starter Beta edition will have only Office Word and Excel. These are limited versions of the most popular Microsoft Office productivity tools.

Office Starter 2010 is aimed for low budget home users. Office 2010 Starter installer is little different from single image installer of Office 2010 Beta. The size of initial Office 2010 Starter Beta setup is only 1.58 MB (SetupConsumerC2R-EN.exe) which again starts downloading some more files when you execute it.

Microsoft File Transfer

The complete Office 2010 Starter installation process has four steps

1. Preparing your computer

2. Downloading of necessary files

3. Installing Initial Prerequisites

4. Setting up Microsoft Office Starter 2010 Beta

Office Starter 2010 Step 4

Installation process is little unpredictive since even after completing installation when we attempted to start Office Word Starter 2010 it again started downloading some files.

Office Starter & Office Professional Beta 2010

We were successfully in installing Office Starter 2010 Beta along with Office 2010 beta Professional however Docx & Doc file association has been changed default to Office Starter 2010 Beta.

Microsoft Office Starter 2010 Word

Office Word Starter 2010 - Thumb

Office Starter 2010 Excel

Office Excel Starter 2010

Now here is one of best feature of Office Starter 2010, You can now carry Office Starter 2010 in USB flash drive. To create portable Office Starter 2010 you need to use Microsoft Office Device To-Go Manager which comes with Office Starter 2010.

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Microsoft Office to-Go Device Manager

We haven’t analyzed limitation Office Starter 2010 & missing features over Office 2010 Beta Professional, that will be topic of our next post. So stay tuned with us.



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