Win7Stack – Group Number of Applications in Same Icon on Windows 7 Taskbar

Windows 7 WinStack

Windows 7 Taskbak aka super has many new feature for e.g Aero peek, Aero Snap, jump list and grouping of icons. Windows 7 taskbar lets you to group similar windows instances to save your taskbar real estate unfortunately grouping of icons of different applications is not possible.

But you can get such feature in Windows 7 with Win7Stack. WinStack is an easy to use application that enables you to add stack-like functionality to icons for the new Windows 7 taskbar. Basically you select the folder the use and the icon and Win7Stack will create the stack on your desktop. You can then easily pin the stack to your taskbar.

Win7Stack in Action

Create New Stack


You can specify Your own icon for group applications with displaying styling as Grid or Fan Look with Aero interface.

Download Win7Stack for Windows 7.

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6 thoughts on “Win7Stack – Group Number of Applications in Same Icon on Windows 7 Taskbar”

  1. Hello Sandip,

    Thank you for your great review and kind words. I am always happy when something I created is found useful :)

    I am still working on cleaning up the code and fixing up the installer (to fix the power pack problem you mentioned) and hope to release the next version sometime soon.

    Thanks again!


  2. I use bitvise tunnelier to manage some 5 ssh enabled servers. Bitvise Tunnelier minimizes itself to system tray and every time, there will be a different order among these 5 instances of tunnelier. I need something to group these icons inside system tray or something to let me organize or sort the icons inside system area. Does your application do such a thing?

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