Uninstall & Remove Windows Live Messenger with WLM DeepClean

Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta
In past we have covered two utilities ZapMessenger & WLMuninstaller to uninstall and remove Windows Live Messenger from PC. The reason for using their party Unsintall utilities is that sometime windows Add/Remove program fails to remove WLM messenger and until you uninstall it completely you can reinstall Windows Live Messenger.

If above two utilities doesn’t work for you then here is one more freeware utility WLM DeepClean which is very small size script to completely remove/uninstall Windows Live Messenger 8 and above.

WLM DeepClean will Remove Following Data

1. Uninstalls Messenger and Sign in assistant.

2. Messenger Data and Program folders (Sharing Folders, etc.)

3. Object and Contact Store are deleted (All Winks, Dynamic content, etc.

4. Temp files of MessengerCache and MusicMix

5. Regkeys related to Messenger ALL deleted (MSNMessenger, UCCP, etc.

WLM DeepClean

WLM DeepClean

Simply download WLM DeepClean and extract content of rar file then double click and run WLMessenger_DeepClean.wsf and following on screen intructions

Download WLM DeepClean.

<img width=”247″ height=”83″ alt=”Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta” src=”https://www.blogsdna.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/windows-live-messenger-9-beta.png” title=”Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta” style=”float: right;” class=”alignright alignnone size-full wp-image-1516″/>
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